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  • giantstepformankind giantstepformankind Dec 4, 2007 2:57 PM Flag

    Farmwald Finished For Now?

    Here is my guess: Farmwald shorted much of the 1,000,000 recently placed short shares knowing he could plant the article with Barrons. Barrons bit and yesterday he covered the 1,000,000 shares at a huge profit. The other 5,000,000 shares held by shorts are most likely still out there as they believed the article and Farmwald, thought they would hold out for the "promised" zero price, and have yet to cover. Now the stock has worked around Farmwald's curve ball and these uneducated and naive shorts are going to be holding the bag. Expect them to mount a secondary, but less dangerous, less sophisticated, and ultimately vain attack on PRKR, mostly via this message board.

    Farmwald will return to attack again if the stock rises and PRKR still hasn't announced a major OEM contract. Otherwise, he will move on to his next victim. He may even return as a long if PRKR announces. He certainly will appreciate PRKR's potential if it delivers - even if he is not the genius the thinks he is because he can't understand it!

    Hopefully, the SEC will make him repay any illicit gains and more as fines if they find he is violation. It would be nice if PRKR could also win a liable lawsuit with damages due us stockholders.

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    • Binary says "opinions are like assholes everyone has one (long and short)".

      Mike Farmwald has opinions (I will resist the temptation to compare him to an asshole - that's for another day!). PRKR has the facts. Another point well made. Thanks.

    • Mister Credibility Himself, Mike Farmwald. Meanwhile, his shareholders have a ZERO return after TEN years.
      Column Headings: Company TradeDate FormType TransType OwnType SharesTraded Price Holdings

      RAMBUS INC DIR 11/28/2007 Form 4 S D 7,300 $19.100 2,678,236

      RAMBUS INC DIR 11/28/2007 Form 4 S D 42,700 $18.580 2,685,536

      RAMBUS INC DIR 11/27/2007 Form 4 S D 50,000 $18.090 2,728,236

      RAMBUS INC DIR 05/03/2006 Form 4 JS D 2,700 $35.680 2,778,236

      RAMBUS INC DIR 04/28/2006 Form 4 S D 5,000 $40.017 2,780,936

      RAMBUS INC DIR 04/27/2006 Form 4 S D 20,000 $40.288 2,785,936

      RAMBUS INC DIR 02/27/2006 Form 4 S D 50,000 $31.481 2,820,936

      RAMBUS INC DIR 02/27/2006 Form 4 JS D 15,000 $31.630 2,805,936

      RAMBUS INC DIR 01/24/2006 Form 4 S D 100,000 $34.132 2,870,936

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      • Represents about 20% of Rambus Float, 33% if you remvove insitutional holdings. Not exactly a vote of confidence in Mr. Farmwald & Co. And, I gather, that's without the benefit of Rambus shorts piling on for hit piece they planted in Barrons. I wonder if they know the opportunities they are missing?
        Column Headings: SettlementDate ShortInterest AvgDailyShareVolume DaystoCover

        Nov. 15, 2007 7,399,351 1,679,909 4.40
        Oct. 31, 2007 7,331,314 1,768,072 4.15
        Oct. 15, 2007 7,491,518 1,746,564 4.29
        Sep. 28, 2007 6,833,199 2,308,315 2.96
        Sep. 14, 2007 6,687,941 2,298,141 2.91
        Aug. 15, 2007 6,314,255 2,424,056 2.60
        Jul. 13, 2007 7,264,501 1,315,203 5.52
        Jun. 15, 2007 7,624,392 1,597,973 4.77
        May 15, 2007 8,279,825 1,956,743 4.23
        Apr. 13, 2007 8,404,893 3,799,223 2.21
        Mar. 15, 2007 8,356,794 3,452,921 2.42
        Feb. 15, 2007 8,985,653 7,470,885 1.20

      • a lot of people, including Farmwald, have made a lot of money from rambus - I've made a bit from them myself

        comapring rambus to prkr is silly though - rambus actually sells designs, has data sheets, presents at conferences, has customers, collect royalties and generates a profit most quarters - parkervision doesn't do any of the above which of course is the problem.

    • <Farmwald's curve ball and these uneducated and naive shorts>

      "It has also lost $160 million over 17 years without delivering a successful product."

      I think you are educated, Please explain to us why the company lost over 17 years. Thank You

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      • GM, Merill Lynch, Citigroup, others have lost billions in just one quarter. PRKR is a piker in this department.

        Maybe you should learn the PRKR story. It's all in the SEC filings. I have done my due diligence and am satisfied. If you can't sleep at night, maybe you should see your doctor.

        And, "You're welcome". My advice is free on the first visit.

      • they started as a robotic camera company. operated for years, then developed an interesting wireless process and decided to change tacks during the big wireless boom of the late 90's.

        they sold their camera division and went "full ahead" on their present business plan in the last three years.

        what else do you want to know?

        this is their story,it's just taking longer than one would like, it is also taking place away from Stanford and the silicon valley junta. thus the rub.

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