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  • awmboat awmboat Oct 28, 2008 11:42 AM Flag


    Well, it is legit. I found them on the schedule for Wednesday at 1700-1720. They are on page 54 of this program

    The kimono is being lifted a little??

    This may very well be the best buying opportunity of the last several years. I am still optimistic yet dodging margin calls up the yin yang!

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    • "buying oscillators tends to leave one hanging when the music stops"

      Amen, sir. I worked really hard for a full year, intensely day-trading forty hours a week, to earn a 35% gain. Then I went long in lazy, stupid tech calls just before the tech elevator fell down an air shaft, and I lost almost all of my gains. Yes, this is a bloody dangerous cakewalk, and one always risks getting caught sans chair when the music stops.

      That said, in my book Friday was a "no-brainer": A sorta' interesting but possibly B.S. tech stock trading near its 52-week low, in a market full of cash-burdened fund managers trying to head-fake each other out of a half percent at 3:00 every afternoon, knowing that turning in a solid number this year will produce the next closest thing to career immortality: demonstrated high performance in a crappy market. None of this has anything to do with how solid a company is or is not.

      All things else remaining equal, PRKR should pop 15%+ in one day several times in the coming months, as it eventually wheedles its way up to nine-something following either a market score (not likely) or yet another bloody PIPE from the guys already on the hook for a ton of dough. Long term investment? Only for a monkey. Huge win if you play it tight and smell the pops coming? Priceless.

      This board is so little-read, I should publicly announce my buys and sells... it would be fun to watch some of the verbose donkeys on this board actually profit from playing PRKR, or suffer from not taking my advice. Either would be fun.

      Too bad I have a day job... can't be here much. I'll buy on the next pullback to $3.30, or wish I'd not sold on Friday afternoon.

      Good luck and fortune to all. Hang around a bit, you might learn something.


    • I forget, what is the date when the R2K is announced each year?

    • Products
      blah blah blah
      PRKR was put in the Russell earlier this year, since then the charts are mirror images of each other...end of story when the news hits PRKR will fly until then it will mirror the Russell

    • Hey BJ, thanks for the tip on MOT. I agree with your observations, and come to think of it, a market like cellular, where the latest hot hand plays really hot for a while, would be a great one for the quick-in, quick-out pace of investing.

      Honestly, I don't have much time to devote to research lately, so I really do appreciate your observations.

      Back to the "dead cat", yes, PRKR is looking more and more fecal as the years click by. Not only wouldn't I want to own the company, I'd be afraid to take a job there, for fear I'd get to work some day and find the doors locked. That said, I will *still* play it when it looks like dumb money could be headed PRKR's way, or when it's so depressed against its chart that ANY positive news would attract a small flood of bottom-feeders and roulette-players hoping for lightning to strike. I gave up on that when the ITT deal failed to produce a short squeeze.

      Anyhow, it doesn't take much of a pop to produce a great short-term score when the stock is trading below $10.



    • to buy PV using margin. Ummm, no you probably are

      • 1 Reply to teddy_kgb_agent
      • Re margin, allegedly some Euro-type used possibly up to a million shares of PV to secure a bank loan. The guy had a little collateral call so it was liquidation city earlier this week. Put this on top of what was obvious hedge fund forced selling in the weeks previous, and here we are. Whether the stock at $3 now or $12 not too long ago reflects the "fundamentals" is something I guess we will find out in the expected cc.

    • > from trublvrprkr:
      > I am aware of misguided initiatives and hopes that have been dashed, but can you please inform me and the appropriate authorities about the lies?

      Here's a incomplete list (I'll save the rest for later):

      Claim: Jeff claims $0.50-$1.00 per phone royalty from Via-Telecom
      The actual Via royalty number if well under $0.10 - if Via actually uses PRKR technology - Via has no commitment to do anything other than to evaluate the PRKR D2P chips when they are delivered.

      Claim: Secret OEM was a Tier-1 cellular OEM & will allow PRKR to get to "double-digit" market share of power-amps in cell phones.
      Via-Telecom is a fairly small player, with less than 1% market share. By no stretch a tier-1 OEM, Via would have to grow by more than 10x to get to "double-digit" market share.

      Claim: The "secret" OEM will generate a profit of $2-3 per share for ParkerVision
      Via has ships about 10M phone chipsets per year. Using a royalty of $0.10 per phone, this is (at most) $1M per year - and assumes that PRKR gets all of Via's business - a far cry from the roughly $100M per year it would take to generate a profit of $2-3 per share.

      Claim: ITT relationship is great and will result in $25M in royalties
      Jeff knew (as early as fall 2007) that there is essentially no chance of getting any royalties from ITT. The ITT project to use ParkerVision is essentially dead. Jeff is playing a devious and expensive game to keep this from becoming public, but he won't be able to hide it much longer.

      Claim: Jeff said (Nov 2007) that ParkerVision would publish detailed explanations of how D2P works, in conferences and white papers.
      Absolutely nothing of substance has been published. The paper in the MTT conference in Amsterdam, like the white papers published in spring 2008, have no substantial technical content, and certainly don't explain how D2P works.

      Claim: No Cellular OEM has ever turned us down.
      I know of at least 8 major cellular chip OEMs who have evaluated PRKR technology and definitively told Jeff Parker they were not interested.

      These are only a few and most recent of the totally false, and highly material claims that Jeff has *recently* made.

    • <<too much promotional language and several lies>>

      I am aware of misguided initiatives and hopes that have been dashed, but can you please inform me and the appropriate authorities about the lies?

    • Sure, I appreciate that, but remember that cynicism is being marketed to you heavily by some pretty clever folks on this board. JP is who he is -- not a seasoned executive, unabashedly optimistic, etc. Look at Sequioa's definition of a "customer" and "sales" carefully, and you may come to realize there is a lot of puffing and outright distortion between vapor and volume producible silicon for many if not all development stage tech companies. It doesn't change the fact that PV did produce a d2d product and imo, they wouldn't have put out an unhedged status report like this, without even legal disclaimers, about volume producible d2p silicon, unless they were well beyond tape-out, maybe even filling up the actual boxes for Fedex.

      <I don't think anyone here has a particular beef w/ JP, however many have been following this company for a long time and heard too much promotional language and several lies to attach any credibility to PV.>

    • Regarding a $3 share of PRKR. Time to buy?

      Let me suggest that three lottery tickets are a better deal with a higher potential of return.

      Notice the following from the mtts program:

      1. That there are several other papers on other ways to improve amplifier efficiency within the same program. These further illustrate that there are many ways to address this without parker.

      2. Even though the PRKR target is the cellular market, it took them a year to get a presentation at a non-cellular forum. A simple review of the program shows almost no representation from the cellular industry. A simple search of the program for the word “cellular” only finds 3 places in over 100 pages.

      Meanwhile, ITT appears dead. Unnamed VIA cellular chip company getting no visible traction. 3G iPhone, Google G1, and every other 3G product in the market are thriving without PRKR (note the recent ATT and Verizon quarterly reports).

      Simple fact appears to be that d2p (if it works) is unneeded and hence of very little value.

      Nice that they are finally trying to go public. They are about 5 years too late.

      It will be fascinating to see the presentation, but it is largely irrelevant. The 3g ship has sailed without them.

      So, what will happen? Watch and see. My prediction: Since they can’t do a PIPE in this market, financial panic. Substantial layoffs to support an attempt to survive until better financial times or a miraculous customer event.

      What about the annual year end alleged price pump to make the funds look good on Dec 31? My thought is that the funds have such severe problems in the rest of their holdings that they won’t bother.

      If I were at PRKR, I’d be looking real hard for a job about now. Try to beat the rush. The worst is yet to come.

      As always, the opinions are my own.

    • My money is where my mouth is. Where is yours..?

      $3 upside for unlimited downside sounds pretty intelligent to me.



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