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  • scott26nova scott26nova May 3, 2010 8:16 PM Flag

    PRKR Holding Its Value ... Investor Presentation Upcoming

    The fact that PRKR is holding its value, despite large drops in the market last week, evidences that this position has likely bottomed out.

    Jeff will be presenting at an investment conference in the next few weeks and even the shorts and bashers admit that this position, rightly or wrongly, usually increases in value as we get closer to investment conference presentations.

    Translation: The longs have no reason to sell and the shorts/bashers have much more risk given the current market conditions.

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    • Eighty one, you are so pathetic, it is actually humurous.

      I admit, though, I am still trying to figure out if you are just shorting the stock or being paid to bash it.

      If you are shorting it, you must be disappointed that it has held its value so well through all of this market turmoil ... up until today, that is, of course ... although I expect it will go right back up fairly quickly.

      If you are being paid to bash the stock, then you must be in a pretty dire financial situation to post the same thing over and over and over, several times a day.

      Oh well, hopefully Jeff will have some good news shortly and we won't have to hear from the likes of you anymore.

      I look forward to your pre-market post tomorrow, bright and early, with the same old "81 consecutive quarters ..." Talk about being predictable!

    • Bummer dude, pigs will fly before this thing sees 2.5

    • Have another drink scott26 !

    • Let me repeat ... I do NOT own any of the May 2.50 calls.

      As for today, I'll let the shorts and bashers enjoy the slide ... EXCEPT to note that:

      (1) PRKR was one of only a handful of stocks that held on, even when the market was down 100's of points, and only fell during the panic selling when the DOW fell 900, and

      (2) the real fall in today's position occured during the last few minutes of the trading day, when a few shorts took advantage of the lack of trading activity to drive the price down (PRKR was at 1.80 at 3:57 pm).

      Accordingly, I expect you will see some upward momentum in the very near future.

    • Little Scotty is the person that loaded up on the May 2.50 calls - hence the relentless but futile pumping of this POS.

    • Did you get greedy Scott? You had an out above $1.90. Did you take it? If not you're gonna take it alright just not the way you planned. The whole market is on the verge of coming undone. Little old PRKR is not going to be exempt from that.

    • The DOW is down significantly this week and PRKR is up.

      Which part of my statemnt is untrue ... you paid basher, terrified short?

      By the way, it is funny that you accuse others of having an agenda and being paid to post here when your sreen name is "eighty one ..." Clearly, you are the one that is being paid to post. Luckily, nobody listens to you!

    • Dude... is $2 a share worth hoo-hahing about? The last time PRKR was close to this price was in Aug 1994...aren't stocks supposed to go up over the long haul?

      I've been long on PRKR for 10 years. In the last two years alone, PRKR has been on a negative slope with only to have the share holders raped through an 8 million share dilution. The sample phone was announced in late 2009 and the prospect of that phone was announced at least if not longer a year before that... where are the orders from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung to license the technology?

      I used to be as fired up about PRKR as you and I am sorry to "rain on the parade" but at this stage of the game, anyone with reason would be really questioning this company.

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      • This stock has clearly reached bottom, as evidenced by its holding its value despite these losses of hundreds of points in the Dow.

        The logical place for PRKR to go now is up.

        So, yes, I am disappointed that it is only $1.88/share. But, I believe there is tremendous upside potential at this price.

        You are free to disagree.

      • Another way to look at it is that PRKR has not yet benefited from the market rebound and therefore any announcement, revenue or positive news will have a major positive effect on the share price.

        This stock is well priced and, at this level, offers little risk to longs. The risk is much greater to shorts, because there is much greater upward potential than downward at this point. Also, the fact that the stock has been holding its value and institutional investors have stayed with it indicate that potential remains.

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