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  • crj_ crj_ Jun 11, 2012 4:11 PM Flag

    Short interest up to 8.75M

    05/31/2012 short interest is 8,756,368

    For May 15-30th these shares are at ~1.20 or less, so shorts are about dollar a share underwater on about 900K newly shorted shares.

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    • so for those who watched the volume on Friday that is why the stock was tight. There was a short put on of over 6 million shares. Matter of fact it is possible a group was short it illeglly because they knew they were handling the other side of the index trade. Surprise, surprise you saw the big volume on Friday. Now early in the week the borrow on PRKr will be quite easy to short again. My prediction it will come down under $1 dollar shortly. For those who took advantage way to go. You see one big holder got out right before the index had to be put on.

    • Thanks rounder. I didn't know all of that. It sort of answers the question of why there is such venom in those who bash this stock. There is a way of criticizing the stock without descending to that level. It also explains why they never answer the fundamental questions whose answers serious longs rely on in investing in this stock.

    • Farmwald says: "I haven't seen the PRKR file wrappers."

      I did some checking, and it would cost less than you spend every quarter to transcribe the PV conference calls for you to obtain the wrapper file. Given your ghoulish "labor of love" (PVnotes) and all the money and time you have dedicated to it, I find it completely un-credible that you would make such an in-credible claim without knowing there is no such notation in the wrapper (that n=1 is somehow excluded, even though it appears to be specifically included from claim one of the mother patent and then throughout its text and diagrams).

      You seem pretty desperate Farmwald - can you "hear" yourself - the shrill is becoming deafening, including your threats to sue anyone who descents from your "ideology"

      That you would urge others to short, when you are in a margin call position, based on such an incredibly unlikely speculation or, no doubt another one of your obvious lies, speaks volumes about the kind of person you are: one whose company, RamScam, has squandered $700 million in shareholder funds over a dozen years for a scam even RamScam now concedes is hopeless and based, of course, on your invalided patents and the unlawful document destruction that ultimately failed to protect them ...

      Those of you innocently relying on Farmwald may be well served to research Rambus, starting with the shareholders who were once riding high and have now lost everything, including one who reportedly committed suicide

    • BJ, it's a shame Yahoo messed with a good thing when they reformatted these message boards several years ago, removing the numbering system (which was great for linking and cross referencing messages) and making other changes increasing the navigational difficulties of these boards. It also seems you use to be able to search messages by poster to the very beginnings of the board or by putting in a date range. I just did a search under poster "pvnotes" using the "view messages" tab along side one of his posts and it only shows his last 70 messages. Why does Yahoo "make available" an archive of thousands of messages but provides no easy way to sort or trudge through them?

      And, Yahoo wonders why its going nowhere fast as Google and others speed by?

    • Will you be an expert witness in the trial? That would be mighty interesting indeed!

    • Unfortunately, the search engine only works back to about 2years. But, if you step through the message list all sorts of interesting old history is there to refresh your memory.

    • That seems a difficult path to take, most likely with no reward. Many messages have been scrubbed from the board, for one reason or another. Some have been removed for violation of TOS, others have been removed by request of the poster.

      Some examples:

      Using the search feature for "cassandra" yields no results.

      Searching for "Belkin," a popular topic here and, I believe, with Dr. Farmwald, when they released the first pre-n WiFi products, yields no results.

      No results for pvnotes before October, 2010.

      No results for "Farmwald" before May, 2011.

      No results for "Barron's" or "Barrons" before July 2011.

      If there is evidence anywhere of what it was that Dr. Farmwald said before revealing his short position in Barron's, it will have been saved in a computer belonging to someone who posts here. I don't save old posts.

    • generally product far more stuff

      should be

      generally produce far more stuff

    • I'm getting tired of repeating this:

      I have never posted any message, here or anywhere else, stating that I wasn't short PRKR. I'm absolutely certain of this.

      I'm willing to repeat this under oath during the MAXTAK v Parker trial if necessary (and I would love to repeat it during a libel trial, if any of you clowns would admit who you really were...)

      Additionally, I have never deliberately destroyed any relevant documents during (or before) *any* litigation (and, to the best of my knowledge, I've never been accused of such). If anything, I'm a bit of a packrat and generally product far more stuff that probably anyone else, both paper and electronic.

      Any other ways you want to try to change the subject from Jeff Park's malfeasance?

    • Trub, noshort, nubuzz, et al.

      Instead of relying on your defective memories and slathering more layers of misinformation upon them,  why don't you start with this link  http://messages.finance.yahoo.com/Stocks_(A_to_Z)/Stocks_P/messagesview?bn=14618&D=L

      This will bring you through to the earliest postings in 1997 and allow you to step through the history of board messages.  You can easily spot the pvnotes messages, record the links,  and "make your case" if there is one to be made.

      It will take a few hours...but if this old history is so important to you, it should be worth it.

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