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  • longprkr longprkr Sep 25, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    Change in tone

    Big change in the tone recently. Shorts are getting itchy. Bad moods due to thinking of what's going to happen with the Markman is issued?

    No Bjingles I wasn't asking you for "investment advice." I was hoping I could entice you to come out of the closet and declare you're a shortie like Bonk did.

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    • "come out of the closet and declare you're a shortie like Bonk did."

      I stated I was short PRKR the first day I posted on this board.

      In my experience the best shorting candidates are usually resolutely defended by a core of touts that spend most of their time with ad hominim attacks on the poster, their "agenda", etc, rather than the content of one's post. Usually with screen IDs that have the company's name or ticker in them. "Longprkr" seems to fit that bill.

      I looked through the old postings here - it seems that before the lawsuit all the talk was about imminent commercial success, that obviously hasn't developed. Now the sole focus seems to be on the lawsuit. Why aren't some touts concerned that their original (pre-lawsuit) thesis has been a debacle (as witnessed by zero customers, zero revenue, zero design wins, etc)?

      IMHO there is cognitive dissonance here - folks seem to the think the compelete, utter, absolute, unequivocal commercial failure (to date) of PRKR is unrelated to the lawsuit, when IMHO the former is highly instructive as to the value of the latter.

      Pulling selective snippets without context from pre-trial legal proceedings and waving them around as proof positive that the lawsuit is as good as over is highly irresponsible, speculative, and fraught with risk. IMHO

      The more I see personal attacks on posters rather than the substance of their posts, there more insecure I realize some touts are, and give me further comfort on my thesis.

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      • Also worth noting the state of Complete Denial the pumpers here are in with regard to the obvious implications of the manner in which the size of the Short position has increased in recent months.

        The market has made a major bet that PRKR will lose this court case. The only response I've seen from the pumpers has been to ask why on earth the Shorts would take such a risk :-)

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