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  • nubuzzman nubuzzman Apr 20, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    To those who have access to "pacer"

    I would suggest "everyone" who posts on this board read Cawleys last exhibit filed yesterday particurally paragraphs 86 & 88. Looks like he is after "Mike" and his clan. " What a tangled web we weave; when first we practice to deceive".

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    • Boy, this story just keeps getting better and better. It's obvious that Cawley is putting evidence together in order to allege before the jury that Qualcomm engaged in a consiracy to destroy Parkervision in order to conceal its theft of Parkervision's technology. And - it almost worked - if theTherasense case had not been recently decided, and if Parkervision had not been able to retain McKool Smith- Qualcomm could have dragged this litigation out for years - litigation that Parkervision didn't have the resources to fight - and it would have bankrupted Parkervision.

      Now, I wonder what's in all those emails Doug Cawley has gotten from Qualcomm- or what's in the emails he is now seeking to get. A this point, this is getting serious - violations of federal law.

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    • This is starting to look rather ominous. Let's see,

      1. It is alleged - as far as I can tell- that Qualcomm obtained patents in 2006 that contain technology stolen from Parkervision.
      2. It is alleged that in 2007 Qualcomm started producing and selling products that infringe on Parkervision's patents.
      3. Just so happens that in 2007, Mike Farmwald and Barbara Pauldus start a web site - pvnotes- that appears to be solely focused on destroying Parkervision. From 2007 to 2013
      4. The Barron's 2007 article on Parkervision- "The Strange Case of Parkervision" - relied almost exclusively upon information provided by Farmwald and Paldus. The article is a hatchet job-wonder who initiated it?
      5. Supposedly, Farmwald's motivation in founding the website was solely to debunk what it considers outrageous claims by Parkervision for technology that does not work.
      6. If Parkervision's technology did not work - it does not seem that one would need Mike Farmwald to prove that. Remember the guys who claimed to have invented "cold fusion"? That blew up because it just did not work.
      7. It is now 2013, and Mike Farmwald is one the most frequent posters on this Board - posting lengthy posts repeatedly throughout the day. All of his posts without exception are negative as to Parkervision.
      8. If I were suspicious, I might wonder why Mike Farmwald would spend so much time, effort and I guess money solely to destroy this little company.
      9. If memory serves,this is the same Mike Farmwald who had/has a company - Rambus- that was caught by a federal judge destroying evidence in a patent infringement lawsuit, that the court determined was an intentional destruction of evidence. As a result, the court invalidated Rambus' patents.
      10. I guess Doug Cawley is a little suspicious too from the discovery requests that he has made about Farmwald, Paldu and the Yahoo message board.
      11. This thing is becoming absolutely ominous -and threatening for both Farmwald and Qualcomm. Contd

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    • This is a copy of a document request filed on Mar 13, 2012. It has already been answered long ago. There is nothing to it - just Jeff Parker's paranoia, reflected here via Jeff's stooges. I had no contact with Qualcomm before the filing of this lawsuit.

      The request first appeared on PACER in Doc095, long ago.

    • Can't get there buzz - What's the gist of the filing?

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    • Oh, that's a shame.

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