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  • bjingles bjingles May 28, 2013 12:33 PM Flag

    Doc 270 worth a careful reading

    Document 270 is a really interesting historical account, complete with lots of old emails that back up the story.

    Qcom bought Berkana Wireless (a startup for $56 million) and Atheros Communications (a $1B revenue going concern public company for $3.1 billion) to get wireless technologies. This demonstrates that QCOM is willing to pay well for technologies they find have value to their business. In each case, the acquired company included a direct conversion receiver technology.

    The second thing of interest is all the email traffic that answered a question I have pondered in the past about D2D performance. Why does D2D not sell? I think the answer is here.

    If you read through the exhibits on pages 59 through 71 there are internal emails where QCOM employees discussed how their extensive D2D measurements came up well short of the required performance levels.

    My personal favorite is on page 59: (internal QCOM) “…incidentally, we found out that one of the ways they (prkr) were measuring Noise Figure was wrong and resulted in a more optimistic value than in reality”

    All of which led to Qcom’s letter to Jeff Parker on Oct 18, 1999 “…Jeff, We had an internal meeting last week to discuss how best we would like to proceed on 020 and we all seemed to agree with one of your suggestions for PV to come back to us when you achieve some concrete milestones on the COMA
    receiver development front. (anybody recall hearing about that in a JP conference call?)

    Conclusion: Lot of interesting history there that shows QCOM had a genuine interest if D2D could perform as claimed. Testing showed it did not and QCOM told them so. QCOM spent their money elsewhere with those who could perform. All seems to align with the pvnotes tech evaluations of years past.

    Interesting how PRKR pays out so many “performance bonus payments” to management while their products fail to perform. And the opinions are my own.

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