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  • statesrip statesrip May 30, 2013 8:20 AM Flag

    Who/what is Overbrook

    OB claims to be "a country lawyer" who is posting (more than anyone else) because he is an investor. I have my doubts about OB.
    1. What he certainly can lay claim to is being the biggest pumper on this board, even greater than Rounder who previously held that title. Examples, "the stock is going over $10 with a favorable Markman", "the stock is going to $50", "the stock is going to $100", "the settlement will be $5 billion" , "QCOM has to settle before trial' etc.
    2. He claims he is a practicing lawyer yet
    a. he is wrong on his analysis of #270--I am not a lawyer but Farmwald is right
    b. he didn't know that large awards don't get tripled
    c. he didn't know the correct name of an extremely well known NYC law firm (and still doesn't know it )
    d. he has time for extensive and numerous postings during working hours--lawyers I know don't have that luxury.
    3. Yes he writes like a lawyer but then so has Rounder and we know he is not one.
    4. I have felt for some time that OB and Rounder were possibly the same poster (similar writing styles, similar "I know everything about everything" approach, rounder used to post with the frequency that OB does now and the shift took place around the same time, i.e. OB ramped up as Rounder was ramping down)
    5. If OB is not Rounder, then I think he is in some way associated with PRKR.

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    • He's a paid pumper obviously and one of JP's minions. The stock has gained a few 100 million in market cap since the new company direction of being a patent troll so a little more pumping money is probably a reasonable biz decision. If he's Todd or not ... who really cares?

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      • Why wouldn't he be what you are Cap? You're a short, he's a long. He's told you he's got a considerable stake in this (for his budget he said). He's got a vested interest in this turning out positive for PRKR. Not sure why both of those truths (you being short, him being long) are not so obvious they become insignificant? I don't think you're a "paid" short, just a short. Same with OB. He's a long who's got skin in the game. Does his posts scare you less because you think he get's paid?

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    • Your post is a prime example why intelligent posters such as crj and urespond no longer post here. You guys are a joke. Go back to predicting that Qualcomm is going to win the Markman. Keep talking about invalidity when even Quacom itself has obviously given it up. Go ahead and try to refute Wualcomm's own recitation of the history of downconversion

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