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  • golong4201 golong4201 Oct 18, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    if the MOST they can win is 500 million, then why is this company worth 600 million right now?

    you have to pay legal fees.

    you have to go through years of appeals before seeing any money.

    THIS judge will never award triple damages. he always rules against PRKR.

    nobody will sign a license when they can go to court and delay for 5 years or more.

    easy easy easy money on the short side from here. hear my opionions.

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    • There is the small matter of on-going royalties as QCOM continues to use the infringed technology there slick. In my estimation the damages are not going to be that material to the overall revenue stream. These patents have not expired you know. Also there is the other small matter of a probable injunction against QCOM chip-sets in the U.S. Now any such injunction will be stayed to be sure but the fact of an injunction means that QCOM will either have to make a deal to go forward or purchase the offending concern. So you just keep on shorting. Assuming you have any capital left to do so after your margin call later today.

    • You are the same #$%$ guy that wins the lottery and then complains "Now I have to pay taxes." You must be a real joy at a dinner party.

      Jeez, accept the good news. Wait to see what happens before you start whining about something you have no control over.

    • 4201 you are wrong about damages; it's the law. If the Jury finds that Qualcomm WILLFULLY infringed then the damages will be trebled.

      Then if Qualcomm appeals they will have to provide the Court a cash bond in the amount of the trebled damages to assure PRKR gets the money if that appeal goes afoul. In addition to a same ruling scenario, Qualcomm would also pay PRKR's legal expenses for not only for the lower courts ruling but the appeals as well.

      But here where it gets crazy.....during the time an appeal there very well could be an Injunction which could hurt Qualcomm significantly and allow PRKR to then go after customers whom Qualcomm has sold this technology too for further infringement.

      The billion $ question to Qualcomm.............Is it worth it?

    • You have no clue what you are talking about. We used to have intelligent conversations on this Board - even with long time shorts. Now it seems that kindergarten has let out and every half-literate nitwit in the world is one this Board.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You clearly do not understand this case. The judge ruled in favor of PRKR on several of the damages motions and QCOM's attorney completely antagonized the jury during argument yesterday. Treble damages is not only a possibility, but a likely scenario. Also, the jury found QCOM infringes on all of the patents at issue, which means QCOM will have to pay future royalties on all of their product lines that incorporate components affected by those patents. QCOM brings in tens of billions of dollars of revenue per quarter, so you do the math. Finally, there are other infringing companies that PRKR will likely file suit against for similar damages and royalties.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • ***THIS judge will never award triple damages. he always rules against PRKR.***

      This is not the Yahoo comedy section.

    • VRNG won patent suit against Google. Everyone said VRNG going to a $100. It is less than $3- why? Because Google can keep this in court for another 10 years and wear out the little guy.

    • 500M X3 Plus royatlies from 1998, and this is only for USA, going to $20

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