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  • teamrep teamrep Oct 23, 2013 3:22 PM Flag

    The odds are PRKR will get an an award that is favorable... enough

    Parkervision should get a reasonably favorable award from the jury based on the degree of favor shown during the infringement phase of the trial. What is 'favorable' might vary quite a lot depending on your perspective. I think its likely to be much higher than what I myself think as being reasonable but lower than the treble damages award some might expect. $200-$500 million.

    Qualcomm would be almost 100% certain to appeal such an award.. first in motions to the judge, then if that fails, which is more likely than not, in latter appeals to higher courts and ITC.

    OK, so what does PV do with an award? The money is unlikely to be paid until appeals process is exhausted with the results of that being as wide as a total reversal to full payment. Let's forget that for now because it will likely take a long time.. up to a couple years or more.

    PV can use an award to do a secondary in order to mount a licensing campaign. A difficulty with that is there are few potential infringing parties who are located inside the US. Qualcomm sells the majority of chips used in devices sold in North America. Other suppliers include Apple, Samsung because they use their own chips in many of their devices. That gets a bit complicated by the fact that the RF is often bought-in from other chip suppliers. PV would most likely first have to sue those other suppliers if they think they violate the patents similarly. So, for a while investors will have to wait for PV to lay out their plans post award and see how QCOM mounts the next stages of their defense.

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