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  • baron8888_2000 baron8888_2000 May 25, 2000 5:14 PM Flag

    To Tybalt

    Hello Tybalt & welcome aboard !

    - I've
    enjoyed your arguments against PRKR and am glad you
    bought in knowing the facts. I was a little interested
    in finding out some more on the opposing company
    which you believe has a better technology than PRKR in
    direct conversion/software radio...How do you know this
    to be so when D2D hasn't even fully shown what it is
    capable of yet and what does this new company potentially
    do better ?

    Your answers would be


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    • The technology is based on a new multicarrier
      protocol that is actually used to build other
      communication protocols. This means that TDMA, CDMA, OFDM, etc
      will have the same underlying signal architecture. It
      uses superposition between carriers to build complex
      baseband signals. Thus, it uses slow parallel processing
      to achieve extremely high data rates. Downconversion
      is achieved simply by selecting which carriers to
      receive and combining them. The underlying architecture
      simplifies transmitter and receiver designs and greatly
      increases both bandwidth efficiency and bit error rate
      simultaneously for any protocol. Thus it is adaptable to
      different frequencies AND different protocols. It also
      leverages their own implementation of Cisco's VOFDM
      technology. They claim bandwidth efficiency improvements of
      several orders of magnitude.

      Considering that the
      technology is based on new developments in quantum computing
      and wavelet theory, it really caught my attention.
      They are presenting a paper on this at the
      International Conference on Communications in New Orleans

      A private company developed this through several
      universities. Although they have big sponsors, I think a
      commercial implementation of this is still in the

      Ultimately, getting a product to market is more important
      than the technology. It is certainly more important
      than getting into legal battles in the interference
      court. That is my main reservation about PRKR and the
      law firm that represents them.

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