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  • jobber_steve jobber_steve Oct 14, 2002 2:47 PM Flag

    Buy on Rumor, sell on news!

    I'll be out soon when you all buy in!

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    • Stick with CVU.

    • in"

      Was that a friendly hint that you expect a pop soon, so you will be selling over $8 as you have stated in the past?

      As you were accurate in the past on this one, I hope you will be again.

      Also, are you still accumulating MASG and CVM? Both seem to have been hit hard and at or near lows?

      Regarding CVM, are you hoping for any one of their particular therapies to work (multikine, malaria ?)or just figuring one will, any one will and it's worth a shot? I ask, as I sold out at $4 a while back and have watched the company since the ILTO days, many days ago.

      Good luck.

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      • I'm still holding 7500 shares of CVU that I will be totally out of by $8.00. I continue to accumulate CVM and MASG. CVM doubled a month ago and I sold half my position. They announced some news this morning but the stock did not spike enough for me to sell.

        I am accumulating and have 60,000 shares. MASG has continued to drop and I currently own 110,000 shares. The future of the Mooney airplane rests with these guys. I have spoken with investors� relation several times and they stated that they are on track to be profitable in the first quarter of 2003.

        I have been accumulating shares of CVU (formally CPIA for several years). This stock has been a real cash cow in this down market and I'm sure there is much more to be made. Good luck to all you longs.


      • Jobber has been singing the blues before, during, and after much of CVU's run up.

        Singing the blues is even a nice way of saying squealing random negativity all over this board.

        Join the DHI board if you want Jobber's top pick.

    • Jobber
      Last time you were right to sell your 7500 shares on a techincal basis. Are you completely out of CVU? This is the only concession I give you.

      Buy on rumor sell on news is what you say. So what is the rumor? Please don't insult our intelligence and tell us there is a rumor of a good EPS report. That isn't a rumor - more likely - fact. We all want to know what the rumor is? I haven't heard of any rumor on this message board good or bad.

      See our point. Why do you even bother posting messages if you apparently have no position. I seems foolish to me.

      The stock has consolidated, a big move up or down is coming on a technical basis. When you factor in the fundamentals the break out seems way more likely to the upside.

      Jobber - me and my buddies are still buyers in this range. I doubt it will drop much further. Care to make a wager? Do you feel 'lucky' again? End of month we will find out

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