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  • rocket_pride rocket_pride Jul 3, 2003 8:45 AM Flag

    Stav Talks Peeple lissen

    Dow President & CEO Talks About Sustainable Development and Ol Rockets decesion to stay on.
    According to Stavropoulos, sustainable development and keeping Ol Rocket happy is not a choice for Dow -- it is mandatory. Jingle must be provided for the Main Man.
    Thats our Bill!!!!! he'll have to GM to CM from Ol rocket tho!!!!!!
    10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..BLAST OFF!!!!!! Rocket AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • "...has some sense behind the banter."??

      Sieve enough sand in NC and you might find a ruby.

      For me he's ig'd. I can miss that quality ruby to avoid being buried in sand.

    • pegleg pete????pistolpete????pistol with a peglegpete???? This is about as bad as the mornin ol Rocket woke up a wearin a cheerleader uniform.

    • dilusional and retarded are a bad combination

    • Hey Rocket person:

      What are you going to do when they close down or sell the plant you work in? How do you figure your job is so safe? Things are only going to get worse. Financials of Dow are a mess. Rocket, just remember to thank Stav when your job has disappeared.

      Glad to see some analysts looking more in depth at Dow financials and liabilities. They still haven't seen the whole iceberg yet though. Keep digging.

      The buddy system is so entrenched I doubt that Dow will do what needs to be done in that regard. The person who used the term "inbred" some messages ago is absolutely correct. Top to bottom. Everyone protecting everyone else, top level all the way down...worse than any company in US. Most company's have strict rules about that...not Dow. It's one of the big things contributing to Dow's problems and there are so many problems.

      Hey..question...when an analyst has a target of 26-28 and it is now 30-32...Why is the rating a hold?...Hold to see it go down?. Hold to see your money evaporate? You like losing money? Hold because it will come back in a few years? Why? That is a screaming sell.

      Put your money elsewhere and work it all the time.

      • 1 Reply to letstavgo_yes
      • Well Lesbo_yes,
        ol Rocket dont werry bout it cause nothin is guarnteed for life so better always have a plan in the hip pocket - and Ol rocket has THE PLAN!!!!!! Now lesbo, you could try that Johhny Cash song and "walk the line" at $25 a shift, JEEZUS!!!!!, but all thaT would get ya is more SHOCK AND AWE!!!!!! But you keep worrin and workin to change the system, Mamamia!!!!!Member Stav is lookin out for Stave, jest like Ol Lesbo is a lookin out for Ol Lesbo!!!!!!!!!

    • 8:05AM BofA cautious on Dow Chemical (DOW) 31.14: Banc of America remains cautious on DOW at 16.7x normalized EPS and 8.0x normalized EBITDA; while many investors seem most interested in peak earnings potential, firm is more concerned with weak cash flow and its implications for the dividend and a strained balance sheet; also, $1.63 bln in off-balance-sheet variable interest entities could come onto DOW's balance sheet in Q3, and on a combined basis DOW's debt could swell more than $2 bln, inflating net debt to 79% of capitalization as adjusted for underfunded pension, OPEB, and net asbestos liabilities. Maintains Neutral rating and $28 target.

      Stav and the board were/are responsible for the above, not Parker. When Stav talks ... BS comes out.

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