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  • slow_dow_n slow_dow_n Aug 17, 2003 4:01 PM Flag

    Effects of Moving Mfg Offshore

    Food for thought...American's standard of living at risk?

    The New York Times
    MANUFACTURING is slowly disappearing in the United States. That does not mean we should rush to preserve the remaining factories as historic landmarks. America will still be a manufacturing power in our grandchildren's lifetime, but that status is gradually eroding.

    Why does this matter? Well, the essence of a great world power is its edge in producing not services but manufactured products that other people want � Boeing's airliners, for example, Intel's semiconductors and Caterpillar's earth-moving equipment. To the extent this output passes to foreign manufacturers, or even to Americans operating abroad, we lose the means to buy what we, in turn, want from others.

    More than half of the manufactured goods that Americans buy are made abroad, up from 31 percent in 1987. If we continue on our path of ceasing to make merchandise that others want to buy from us, the danger is that these imports will be unaffordable for our descendants.

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    • Here is an article about the Chinese currency issue in today's New York Times. The Chinese government pegs their yuan to the dollar, so it cannot appreciate. Thus, US goods don't become attractive to Chinese consumers.

      "Currency of China Is Emerging as Tough Business Issue in U.S.," by ELIZABETH BECKER and EDMUND L. ANDREWS.


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    • To the scientist these statistics speak volumes about our ability to maintain a competitive advantage solely by creating intellectual property:

      World's Largest Countries in 2003

      Rank Country Population (millions)
      1 China 1,289
      2 India 1,069
      3 United States 292
      4 Indonesia 220
      5 Brazil 176
      6 Pakistan 149
      7 Bangladesh 147
      8 Russia 146
      9 Nigeria 134
      10 Japan 128

      World's Largest Countries in 2050

      Rank Country Population (millions)
      1 India 1,628
      2 China 1,394
      3 United States 422
      4 Pakistan 349
      5 Indonesia 316

    • Just a thought about potentially rising costs of imported goods due to terrorism issues.

      Imported goods can be a terrorist weapon. For example, a bomb can be hidden inside a shipping container. After such a bomb goes off in one of those containers, the public outcry will initiate costly inspection procedures. The cost of inspection and certification can make these goods more expensive. US-based goods don't have that issue.

      I wonder how much it would cost to inspect a container full of toys, stationary, clothing, etc? xray machines might work. They have some interesting stuff going on with gamma scanning train cars, as I recall from a recent news article.


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    • this has been happening for years. Last time I was in the USA the only items of clothing I could buy that was made in USA was Pendleton shirts. All the other clothing in the store was made in Bulgaria, China or Korea.
      Ths shirts are great though!

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    • Hey slow:

      <Food for thought.>

      Are you mentally starved? I don't think the American standard of living is at risk from the manufacturing point of view. The industrial revolution is being followed by the technology revolution. Welcome aboard.


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