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  • parkerdad_2000 parkerdad_2000 Feb 11, 2004 7:43 PM Flag

    Worst Poster on this board - foolatdow

    Fool at Dow. Your name says it all. Except the 'idiot' part. Move to some other country you ungrateful moron.

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    • my my aren't we sensitive. Are you Bush's long lost illegitimate son or just some half wit who would follow any jerk the right wing throw up as a "President". The guy can't even raise his daughters properly let alone preach morals to the World. I guess drinking is in the Bush genes. As for the previous post regarding Presidents - I don't recall Iraq invading the U.S so why draw the analogy to Clinton actions or Truman's. You right wing morons make decent Americans puke. If you are so gung ho, become a mercenary, wrap yourself up in the flag and march off to Iraq and do your duty. I doubt it though, you prefer to hang around the water cooler moaning about whether you will get canned at Dow. If your post truly reflect your convictions, then youre a bigoted loser who deserves to be canned and make room for someone else. And hey moron, Dow does over 60% of its business overseas and its growing and is vital to this company and U.S industry. One can only hope you don't have anything to do with our trading partners the way you keep bagging everyone outside the U.S. Stay at home, beer in hand, pork rinds stufing your face and watch Rush Limbaugh and Fox & co. Thats about all your good for. Cheers.

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