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  • rocket_pride rocket_pride Mar 3, 2004 7:54 PM Flag

    HEY PUD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fer all the puds out their whose awerrin bout themselfs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Pud, don't be afrade.
    Don�t let the door smak you in the ass.
    Watch out when you hit the street,
    The CLEENERs comin fer anudder pass.
    And anytime you feel some pain, hey Pud, refrain,
    Why blame yourself fer all youre nitemares.
    Tho you know that youre a fool, tried to play it cool
    An now they got you by youre short hares.
    Hey Pud, its over know.
    Youre on the outside alookin in.
    Taint no prospects fer anudder job,
    To Ol Rocket you shudda lissened.
    So bawl some more don�t keep it in, hey Pud, lissen,
    You was a sukin on the company teet.
    And know you nose its gone and dry, hey Pud, you'll cry,
    An atlas youre free rides over.
    Hey Pud, don't look so sad.
    Take youre degree and hit the street.
    Remember as you flip them burgers,
    Their mite be anudder company teet
    Anudder company teet, YEAH!!!!! company teet, Nudder company teet, OH YEAH!!!!!.
    Da da da da da da, da da da, hey Pud... Da da da da da da, da da da, hey Pud...

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