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  • lone_str lone_str Sep 10, 2004 10:15 AM Flag

    Why the Silence?

    Is everyone on a day off?

    Has Dow put a stop to surfing the internet during work hours?

    Has the msg of the Ker-pows scared everyone and now you are not taking any chances?

    hmm, the outsourcing must be working.

    Dow is definitely doing what it should have done many years ago.

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    • <Bulemia is another of the dysfunctional behaviors sometimes associated with people who are LEAN AND MEAN.> <so is aids>

      At one time in the history of the HIV/AIDS disease, an at-risk behavior associated with the spread of HIV/AIDS was being the recipient of anal intercourse.

      Can we then conclude that some of those who are LEAN AND MEAN are passive pederasts?

      For those who don't have a dictionary, this means the folks who got fullbacked in the address.

      Darn, I seem to have put four extra letters in a couple of the words in the previous sentence.


    • Get off the computer and go to work punk, I'll be needing you to stay busy to keep my retirement account growing, and my medicare bills paid.

    • so is aids

    • <Just about made me vomit.>

      Bulemia is another of the dysfunctional behaviors sometimes associated with people who are LEAN AND MEAN.


    • "Seems Kookamunga has gotten pretty good at telling the same story over and over again too!"
      When they change, I'll gladly change. I call them as they are...shathouses. And don't get so defensive for Union Carbide facilities. Although they're bad, we've also inherited others in the acquisitions we've made over the last few years.
      When this is over I'll post a list of my shathouse candidates against those facilities demoed.
      I'm good at what I do.

      Back to your question. Just today got back from a "visit".... and this place is still a shathouse. I'm not sure who is winning the cultural battle in this crapper. People defensive and a few of the old timers trying to tell me how good they are. Just about made me vomit. They won't like

    • <It's not being LEAN and MEAN. More like getting the right people in the right facilities.>

      You are on track. When the process of Lean and Mean is followed through, it will get the right people in the right job and right facility. No choice. No wiggling.

      UC employees were betrayed by their management in the old regime and the employees who stayed will eventually adapt to the Dow mindset, providing they don't drive themself nuts first. Unfortunately, Dow is not the be all and end all when it comes to using the best practices. Dow is getting a lot better since they moved out a lot of old timers from within the ranks of the senior people. Until the bean counters incorporated a meaningful metric, the old timers had a hell of a good time manipulating numbers making themself look good in their self evaluated performance (remember MBO, JPR's? What a joke that was.) It was a free-for-all. When it comes to the bottom line (cents/lb) even the Dow plants are not immune from closure.

      If for any reason Dow should stray from being Lean and Mean, the competition will eat them live. The global economy cannot be taken lightly.

      As for jobs. The jobs could either be at home or off-shore. Your choice?

      Dow, like any other corp, will do what is right for the shareholder.

      Buy and HOLD.

    • I held my breath as I counted.

      One shathouse.
      Two shathouses.
      Three shathouses.
      Four shathouses.

      Close, but does not meet the full, certified requirements for a declaration of BULLSHIT!!!!



    • <<The older employees were masters at story telling...>>

      Seems Kookamunga has gotten pretty good at telling the same story over and over again too!

      When was the last time you were in a UCC facility? Three years ago?

    • It's not being LEAN and MEAN. More like getting the right people in the right facilities. The shathouses have to go. Most of the complainers are working in these shathouses and in the past they were told they were best in class. The problem is the class they were in is the shathouse class! They didn't know and never questioned. Their complacency is enough to make you vomit.
      "The older employees were masters at story telling..." so true. I saw a lot of this in the Union Carbide shathouses I visited. Some portrayed themselves as slow witted, even slower talking "specialists". Problem was, they really were. In addition, they had a poor attitude and were not receptive to change. Most are gone or will be shortly.
      Again, get the right people in the right facilities.

    • <You're a contractor and don't forget it!!!! >

      There is no such thing as a free lunch anymore.

      The aim is to "cut cost" be it contractor, direct, etc.

      Dow, like any other corporation, is not in the business of creating jobs. The corps want to get the most for the least, and why should Dow be any different? The old days of job inflation are gone, done. Outsourcing is the best thing that could happen to the industry. Industry is attracting the younger employee, they are paid less for more education, whereas the older employees have gained high wages/salaries over the years but failed to gain any continued education. The older employees were masters at story telling and the same stories became better with time. Alot of money is wasted paying for story telling.

      The shareholder is not willing to pay for waste.

      Dow is on the right course with being LEAN and MEAN.

      Buy and HOLD.

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