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  • the_nervous_resistor the_nervous_resistor Oct 25, 2004 2:20 PM Flag

    No Flu Vaccine Shortage in Europe

    It's great to hear logical responses on this important topic. The mortality of 20-30K lives due to flu is not a trifling matter. It needs serious attention. Serious regulatory and tort reform are needed. Not politics! I am no fan of GWB. But blaming him for the vaccine problem is stupid. And, using Paul Harvey as an information source is also ... let's say naive. Also, Kerry and Edwards have proposed mechanistic changes in court procedures to limit the lawsuits.

    That said, Bush is not getting my vote, and this is not for his policies, but because he is simply a man too far out of his depth. He really does not know what he is doing or what is needed for the job. Kerry, despite his voiced policies, will be a better president. Same could be said during Clinton years. Clinton was a far superior man. He did alot of good. Fortunately, the Republican Congress gave us grid-lock in Washington, and they did not spend us into oblivion. We need to get back to that. After Nov.2, the Republicans will clearly have the House, and maybe the Senate too. If Bush gets in again, we are in deep economic shit. If Kerry gets in, we will have a breather on the financial side. (This doesn't address the supreme court going hog wild with Christian crazies, or the war in Iraq, ... Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Separate issues, which grid lock doesn't effect.)


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