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  • the_nervous_resistor the_nervous_resistor Oct 26, 2004 10:17 PM Flag

    For Retirees - OT

    Oh, double bazillion total wow's!!!!

    You have been with Royalty. The real Hoagy - in a bar - and Stardust happened. Man o man. Died and gone to Heaven.



    You probably know Hoagy's tunes by himself (whistling), Leon Redbone, Dinan Shore, Van Morrison,...

    By the way, you don't happen to head to New Orleans on either the last weekend in April or the first weekend in May, do you?

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    • tnr,

      Thx for the Hoagy link. Opened it and tried to play a few songs but I kept encountering error 404? It�s too bad. It looks like a great web site.

      What gives in NO during the last weekend in April or on the first weekend in May?

      I spent a lot of time in NO when I was with Dow visiting the Plaq Div. With a bit of spurious pre-planning only senior Dow employees know how to apply, we usually stopped there on flight arrival and took in BS till the wee hours. We did the same on departure. Group consensus took us to Al Hirt's place for at least one expensive round and then to Preservation Hall where the music was also great and the drinks were a lot cheaper. We'd take any Dow rookies, who happened along with us, to Barbara Saxton's bar and get them up on center stage to give B her famous Champaign sponge bath. She never turned us down on special requests. They even provide the camera, if we didn't have one. Over the years, I�ve enjoyed a few �black mail drinks� from my buddies with a few choice close-ups.

      I haven't been there since 92, as I am too involved with fall and winter semesters at UWO. However, the �boss� states this may be my last year and with the recent surge in the Cdn dollar, we may once again revisit some of my old southern haunts, especially in Feb.

      BTW, enjoy your thoughtful, well researched posts. It seems we have a music connection. My son and daughter recently have been raiding my CD collection. Seems they have discovered my �Golden Oldies�.


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      • Rhaw and Carbider,

        On the Hoagy Carmichael site, my bad. Please, go to first, then click on "the Nearness of You," hypertext in the middle paragraph. That takes you to, which for some reason 404's when addressed directly.

        As to the April/May reference, go to for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Click "schedule" at top, and pick a day. Yes, there are 11-stages with jazz, gospel, blues, cajun, zydeco, world, popular, ... etc., all for only $25! One of the outstanding music values on the planet. (The Plaquimine guys can chime in on this one.) It's held at a race track about 3-miles up Esplanade from the Quarter. Runs 3-days the first weekend and 4-days the second, from 11AM and to 7PM. The crowd of ~60,000 trends to 30-50ish by age, given the offset from school holidays. Lots of room. The food at the festival stands is outstanding (red beans and rice, shrimp etuffe, ...). And, if you take in NO at some other time, there's still ton's there, just like before, especially over on Frenchman St. My favorite meal value is dinner at the Praline Connection on Frenchman, just down from Snug Harbor. For more $, there's lots in the quarter and garden district, as I am sure you know.

        And now, if the "boss" is not looking, check out, an on-line music for PC's, a bit like iTunes, but cheaper and not requiring downloads. For $9.95/mo, you listen to almost anything you desire or remember (500,000 tunes) at anytime from any computer you put the software on (work, lab, home,..). (7-day free trial, but if do try it, you won't go back) Fully relocatable downloads are $0.79/ea, but that's not too common, even in our house of five, where the total bill runs $10-20/mo. Listening takes on totally new approaches. For example, you can listen to 10 to 20 interpretations of the same tune, something that is impossible otherwise. (Drives my family nuts, but I love it.) You can explore, explore, explore. You can burn CD compilations. It has completely changed music listening in our household. CD purchases now are mainly straight from musicians at small-time concerts. Big time recording artists are usually on iTunes or Rhapsody.


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