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  • lone_str lone_str Nov 26, 2004 3:44 PM Flag

    Dow Success

    The skeptics have been frothing at the mouth for several years as how "bad" Dow management was in their approach in cutting cost to get the bottom line in balance.

    Stav was very patient in observing the processes. When the gap in the actual numbers was showing a wider spread vs the should numbers, it was time to cut out the waste. Stav took action when ACTION was most needed. The Old Way was WRONG. The OLD WAY had the opportunity to change its mindset approximately 10 years ago. They chose to stay to the OLD WAY. The rest is history.

    The NEW WAY is workable today. Tomarrow it will require the flexibility, innovation, creativity of everyone within Dow to stay in sync with the New NEW WAY. Continuous Improvement is CONTINUOS Improvement. It is not a one shot deal. The global economy is around for the long haul, and there is no going back.

    The number of employees within Dow who agree with the NEW WAY far exceed those who chose to disagree and leave. Objective feedback reveals a very happy and satified workforce.

    Dow is a Global Leader.

    BUY and HOLD

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    • If you're gonna insult someone, don't allow yourself to be perceived as stupid. Else it diminishes your "intelli-smartness". Dependant? Payrole? Your paid to do? How do you spell "idiot"? You should spend time learning how to spell instead of insulting others.

    • Hey Lonestr, Dow's success is very dependant on guys like you, on the payrole, on the company computer, trying to convince someone, somewhere, that you have an inkling of whats going on in the buisness world, when you ought to be doing what your paid to do. Go to work.

    • OK I changed my mind

    • As much as I don't like too dumb, I think you are wrong for advising strong sell, unless you are trying to cover your short position. Pitiful effort, really. Somewhat desperate if you ask me.

    • Here is something intelligent to say to you waddie... Don't sell at $45 and buy at $51...

      You sounded very upset. Is it because you lost money making your bet short?

      Bahhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhh!

      Don't worry though, the stock will go to $45 some day, after we split 2 for 1. LMAO.

    • I could tell you many stories how the OLD WAY incorporated waste galore.

      Projects were overdesigned. Cost over-run was the norm. Contractors loved field-run instructions. The warehouse had enough spare parts to completely re-do the project. Contractor turn-over included a complete dismantle of the project. Regular maint would cover project errors and over-runs. Cycle time was very long. And on and on and on.

      The OLD WAY had a lot of war-stories for the beer crowd and the stories got better with time as they were passed to other story-tellers.

      The NEW WAY has a workable process in place c/w metrics to provide instant feedback on performance. The bottom line is COST. A short cycle time adds money to the bottom line giving Dow an advantage in the global economy.

      BUY and HOLD.

    • Oh and I forgot to get your almighty oppinion
      Do you think Dow will not get below $45 in the next 4 weeks

    • Spermie
      You say I lost because it has gone up in the last 4 weeks I have not covered yet so still no loss. Let's see if it can do it the next 4 weeks
      I can wait

      Now my next question is why are still on this board you said you sold at 50 last week. Oh I forgot you are full of BS
      Stay off the board unless you have something inteligent to say OK wise investor

    • "He does not understand how people can make money shorting stocks"

      And an example of this is you made all kinds of money shorting Dow at $45 4 weeks ago, is that it? Hmmm... you managed to lose $10 K on a $112 K investment in 4 weeks. That's a 10% drop. Tell me again, how wise an investor are you? ROFLMFAO. Oh I know, you don't have to cover your short position at all, right? LOL. What a dumb ass!

      Bahhhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    • Welcome back.............

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