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      Bush (no)
      Kerry (yes)
      Me (yes, system is in collapse)<<

      Oh yes, Medicare is in such good financial shape. Let's give all health care to the government.

    • Guys the thing in Iraq just got a whole lot worse. The photos released of Americans torturing Iraquis at Saddam's old prison is going to bite us in the ass. The photos on 60 minutes II were horrifying and the chance of our soldiers not getting good treatment if captured just went up ten fold. Less than 10 soldiers overseeing a prison with 900 Iraquis, "getting them ready" for CIA and "contractor" interrogations. One thing is clear, we may have won the war but we just lost the peace. If you think this is okay, your head is so far up your ass you will never see daylight. 16 folks relieved of duties including a general, 6 up for courtmartial, but this will not silence the critics of the US. 60 minutes has been sitting on this for two weeks at the request of the government but it was breaking on the internet. The battle for hearts and minds has been lost. We have our Mei Lai. Bush was an idiot to destabilize that area without a executable plan to control it. How many times in engineering do we see someone build a plant on shaky science, build it on the cheap, throw more money at the problem for years before they finally have to cut and run.

      Kerry and Bush are wrong. We have to get out now.

    • My problem with Kerry is that is all he has done - SAID he wants jobs, health care, safety etc. he offers no concrete plans. Who the heck doen't want those things? Tell me how you are going to do it. Saying that Bush's way isn't working is childish without offering an alternative plan of action. Listen to Kerry closely - listen to how little substance there really is there. I tend to look ahead - not behind. Who will I be better off with as Pres 4 hyears from now? Without any concrete ideas/plans from Kerry it's hands down Bush. BTW I think it is hiarious that even the media now is starting to see what Kerry is really made of - it ain't much.

    • True enough. And I guess one could conclude that civil discussion, of which I am not always a good role model, can help achieve common understanding. Thanks for sharing your insights.

    • Rhaw,

      [Quick reply: Toronto & Phillie are on the tube.]

      The healthcare debate is important. The US is at 15% GDP, as I recall. The numbers are sour. Our insurance costs are up, and doctors are finding other ways of making a living.

      Would I vote for Hillary to come back and save us? Not at all.

      Will there be a crunch? Yes.

      Who has jurisdiction? No one, safe the Feds.

      So, that is why I replied that way on the issue.


    • VG,

      OK, so it sounds like John Kerry wants to have hybrid vehicles made in Michigan. My question, I guess, is why is that so wrong? That phrase could come from anyone running for office from any party, and on the face of it, it does not seem wrong. It is a concept: American manufacturing. It has results: jobs. People want jobs.

      To his credit, President Bush is pushing for funding of hydrogen fuel cell cars. That makes sense to me. It also sounds like a good point to make with potential supporters.

      I salute both of these men for supporting these advances.

      But what has gotten into the debate that skews the perception that there is something wrong here?

      By the way, thank you for your replies.


    • Thank you for taking the time. From my eyeball comparison of our two responses, we:

      have basically the same reply on 6,
      have different replies on 6,
      and comparison is indeterminate on 3.

      To me this means that we are not poles apart.


    • That's a loaded question. I don't think the Cdn system flies in the U.S. Private care is too entrenched to give up a good thing. For the uninsured, why not offer them 'Sustainable Care'? Keep the systems separate?


    • Thanks for the analysis.

      So, if USA goes to the Canadian method, where will your doctors and patients go instead?

    • I'm getting a headache talking about our problems. What is this? My day in the barrel?

      Health Care in Canada:

      Well, if you have soar throat, any Canadian with a Red Card can walk into a clinic and see a doctor who will prescribe some medication.

      If you have a broken leg, same thing, you can get that fixed at no cost, if you have your Red Card.

      If you are pregnant and looking for a doctor, chances are you will have trouble finding one in your area. My daughter-in-law has to travel 40 km to a neighboring community to register with a new Doc who has just setup practice there. We have a critical shortage of doctors. Most have gone to the States for much higher salaries.

      If you have a serious ailment that requires a cat scan, you may have to wait months for a scan. If you are an NHL hockey player and injured in the first period, you can get a scan and be back on the ice for the third period. I gest, but one day later for sure.

      If you have a heart problem, say serious but not life threatening, you will have to get into a long cue for surgery. By comparison, my classmate who lives in Florida had a mild heart attack one afternoon and three days later he had a quad bi-pass. Could never have happened in Canada.

      Folks in Canada who have the means, go to the U.S. for immediate pay-as-you-go attention. They pay for it rather than getting into the long Cdn cues.

      So, for small aches and pains that any good nurse can solve, we get walk-in attention. It sounds great, eh? For the tough, expensive stuff, we fall far short of the mark and we are third rate.

      Once again, we are a small, over-taxed nation that cannot afford to keep up financially (medically) with larger countries who support a costly but supportable, private medical system.


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