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  • stiflerz28camarohemi stiflerz28camarohemi Feb 17, 2013 12:14 PM Flag


    I made 42% last year soley buying and selling Dow stock. Everyone has a guess at where Dow will be let me tell you mine. Dow has already crashed and the market kept on soaring why? Because the Dollar is diluted which gives the markets much much more reason to go much higher. We may have a pullback but i already bought back much lower than my previous sell. That being said if you watched Dow lately, when S&P falls dow rises. The trend on Dow shows a crissroads. Either way up

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    • I feel like you're being truthful and congratulate you :) Something you didn't mention is the Fed stimulus. I think that's going to continue but it has a lot to do with why the US markets are doing as well as they are.

      I'm also looking at this buyback thing. If you read the Wiki article about buy backs and eliminate all the scenarios that don't apply to Dow, you're left with negative motives. I guess you noticed that the pps went down rather than up on the news. I can't get anyone to discuss it so I'm still wondering what Friday's stock sellers knew or suspected about the objective. You wouldn't have any thought on that, would you?

      We don't have a lot of cash left after subtracting the buyback cost. Kuwait had better pay this month or at least before the next quarterly. Liveris has spent that cash award several times over since he got the ruling. The buyback is just another overcharge against the expectation. You're not opposed to saying good things about DOW. I'd sure like to hear something good. I need my job for a few more years. Thanks for explaining your interesting investing strategy too. If it works for you, I'm glad :)

    • Or down a whole lot. Hard to imagine the drop into the 20s again without a big market correction. I dont forsee the S&P going below 1500 more likely 1508 before hitting 1530 to 1560 if not 1580 by mid may my bet is that Dow gets most of the money owed. Risk here is to the upside if your out. Not much room down , plenty up. We shall see though i suspect we will get a pump from liveris soo as he has to save face from the last q not to mention i beleive he will be in soon if not already. Too many positive variables not many negatives. Chemical industry always lags the market. Market ran now all that product buying warrants the need rmto replenish the products thus the need to up production which im assuming will be happening this q

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