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  • blondenana_2000 blondenana_2000 Jul 28, 1999 4:31 PM Flag

    We sure are being defensive here!!!

    There are people shuffling across this planet who
    are hanging their hats on the idea that Dow Chemical
    (Papa Dow) did not manufacturer the breast implants nor
    the silicone gel. However, all chemicals/ingredients
    to create the "silicone soup" for the implants went
    from Dow Chemical (in their own rail cars)over to
    their "baby" Dow-Corning. Dow Chemical (for good
    reason) attempted to keep an "arms length" relationship
    with Dow Corning in this process. Once the implants
    were produced, they went right back up the rails to
    Dow Chemical for testing. There is plenty of evidence
    on court "discovery" documents to tell the story
    about what Dow knew, and when they knew it in regards
    to the safety of implants. . .and they weren't too
    forthright in their disclosing of certain facts either. When
    Dow hired Griffin Bell (former Attorney General) to
    perform a private investigation of their operation, they
    apparently didn't like to well what he had to say in his
    findings and reports. The attorney-client privilege was
    cited, and the American public and the rest of the globe
    has been left in the dark ever sense. Papa Dow and/or
    it's baby Dows have created Agent Orange, Napalm,
    silicone breast implants, and also the silicone gel that
    went into the majority of all silicone implants,
    regardless of manufacturer name. I certainly would be
    reluctant to be the "Good House Keeping" seal of approval
    on any of their products.

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    • With Dow from 1960 to 1993 I have lived in LJ
      Tex, Baton Rouge La, Houston Tx, Fort Sask Alberta,
      Red Deer Alberta, Terneuzen Holland, Sarnia Ont, and
      commuted to Midland for 2 yrs on projects. My wife has a
      double honors major in Math and Physics and taught
      kindergarten for 26 years (don't ask me how come). I am an
      educator now so-to-speak (UWO) and I tutored a couple of
      gifted high school students while I lived at LJ. My two
      kids attended schools at various of the above
      locations. This is what we found: Where Dow was the major
      employer in a city, those schools were excellent. Dow
      always sweetened the $ in those school system so their
      kids would get a good education.

      Of all the
      places I've lived with family, I'd vote for LJ. It has
      great homes, friendly people, great facilities and only
      60 miles from Houston if you're a sports fan. The
      first time we moved to LJ, my wife and I went to play
      tennis at the country club on our second night there.
      After we had hit for an hour, Betty Milner came over
      and spoke to my wife. She asked if she would like to
      play with her lady friends. My wife said sure. Betty
      said fine, your my partner and we're playing No. 1 out
      of 6 teams. They went to Houston the next night to
      play at a very nice club. Betty was the tennis pro at
      her club in LJ. My wife toured all over Texas playing
      tennis while I baby sat. We made many life long friends
      there and I would retire there in a minute if our CDN$
      wasn't so lousy.

    • As a fifth generation Brazoria Countian, perhaps
      I'm biased, but this area isn't a bad place to live,
      if you don't mind hot summers - after all you don't
      have to shovel rain.
      As fo the schools, they are
      at least as good as most. I scored 1390* on the SAT
      and my son, who went to one of the less highly
      regarded schools, scored 1150. Not too bad for a couple of
      *30 years ago.

    • Soon - sounds like your are in I/S and
      considering a potential reloc scenario. A couple of comments:

      Dow's relocation package is wonderful. Been through it
      myself. In Texas, Dow does have sites in Lake
      Jackson/Freeport and Houston. The Alliance is out of Houston and
      it is a Dow site (I Believe). Some I/S employees may
      still be working in Lake Jackson/Freeport depending on
      the assignment. Personally, Uncle Sam does not print
      enough money to pay me to work in Freeport/Lake Jackson
      and if you have children, the schools are about a
      year behind the national average from what I have
      heard. Houston on the other hand is a big city where you
      can probably find a good location.

      MI is very commerical with interstates, traffic and
      not a lot of housing options. I close friend with AC
      is moving from Midland to a job in Southfield and
      they have a 40 minute commute to where they found good

      Midland in my honest opinion is a jewel.
      If you are single and looking for a mate, then this
      might not be the town - not much night life and
      everyone is married. However if you are married - Midland
      has excellent health care, virtually no crime, some
      of the best schooling in the country, and you are 2
      hours or less from everything (Detroit, Skiing, Canada,
      lakes, beaches, camping, etc.)

      Good luck -

    • Excellent information derfred3. Is the Houston
      support center the Andersen Solution center or a Dow
      facility? We've heard Dow has a building on the west side
      and one in Lake Jackson.

      What are your
      thoughts on relocation? Everyone here is wondering if LL
      Bean is about to have a run on snow boots!

    • Levi Leathers was the most prolific member of the
      Old Dow Guard from 1955 to 1993 (??). He started out
      as a research engr and became head of research. He
      moved up to Gen Mgr Texas Div and then Corp Tech Center
      Mgr in Midland. He became Corp VP of Manufacturing
      and Engineering and was a member of the Dow Board of
      Directors. While managing the largest Div. in Dow (Texas) he
      maintained close personal control of all capital projects.
      He worked for Dow 16 hours a day, including weekends
      and he was feared by many and loved by many at the
      same time. He inspired excellence from his workers and
      most would go to hell for him. In my mind, he was like
      General Paton of WW2 fame. When business centers took
      control of capital projects, Levi seemed to lose his
      spirit. Shortly thereafter, downsizing started everywhere
      and the New Guard felt they could grow faster by
      mergers rather than building the business from within
      with Dow people. The Old Guard was like family, the
      New Guard like strangers. RIP Levi.

      you can add to that Oldowhand?

    • Around 1974, Roy Vining, Proc. Eng. Mgr., and LJ
      Mayor, was the facilitator of a 2 day Phase 3 review at
      the Hol Inn. Many bigwigs attended. Levi missed the
      1st day. The 1st night got out of hand after we drank
      too much & the CDN dir, called superstud, SS,
      challenged us all to go skinny dipping in the pool at 10 PM.
      Those that didn't strip were chased by SS into the
      front desk area & into the bar, much to the delight of
      the ladies on staff. When the Texas troopers arrived
      they saw a mass of naked bodies in rm 105. By then,
      Roy had everything under control. All they said was
      "Howdy your Honor. You'all keep it down, you hear?" And
      they left. The next morning, the girls at the front
      desk put up "WELCOME DOW CANADIAN STREAKERS on the
      large HI sign on 332. At 7 AM we had our pictures taken
      under the sign. SS is out in front with four lovely
      ladies draped around his neck.

      That morning
      traffic on 332 was slow. Levi came along & must have done
      a double take when he saw the sign. He slammed on
      his brakes & was tail-ended. There was an awful
      traffic jam. Levi was out there directing traffic, just
      like Gen Paton. An hour later he stormed into the HI
      office & shouted "WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN ON HERE?" One
      girl said, "Hi Levi. How come you weren't skinny
      dipping with your boys last night?" Levi demanded the
      sign be taken down. The girl replied, "Why Levi, Mayor
      Vining said it looked pretty good. He's right over there
      in the Conf Rm. What happened to your Caddy?" Levi
      stormed into the room & shouted, "VINING, GET OUT HERE."
      We didn't see Roy till later that night. He looked
      all chewed up. After a couple beers he said, "Boy, I
      darn near got fired. I'll have to give up the Mayor's
      job. I'm going to be real busy." The LJ paper praised
      Levi for his effort on 332. He was quoted as saying
      "We'll have to consider staggering the starting time to
      ease this awful traffic." SS always rec'd a big kiss
      whenever he chkd in. Our picture was on the HI wall many
      yrs later. I still have mine infront of me now along
      with many other happy pictures.

    • An excellent response derfred3. Soon and I both learned something. Thanks and keep up the good communication.

    • DOW was mentioned in an article




    • The Alliance has 4 centers: 1) Houston, 2)
      Midland, 3) Southfield MI, and a 4th is Europe. The
      support of SAP is done globally. There is a Control
      Center is Europe, Pacific and Midland. The support is
      24/7/365 and they follow the sun so for example Midland
      will be support the Pacific downwindow and nightly
      processing this morning. Functional support is also global
      but more area focused. There is a 3 tiered support
      support structure. Tier 1 is local subject mater expertes
      - Tier 2 is region service desks and Tier 3 is
      control center where I/S functional and technical experts
      will resolve the more serious problems.

      leads to the quesiton does AC do most of the
      development? AC manages all of the development. Their process
      is used for all development projects at Dow. The
      methodology requires AC overhead, so AC employees touch
      virtually everything that goes to production. From an SAP
      R2 perspective, Dow has the best people in industry,
      so most of the people doing the actual work are Dow
      employees. They have some darn good R3 people as well and
      should embrace the leaders at UCC that are leaders in
      the SAP technology.

      Hope this helps - Regards

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