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  • gorkdefork gorkdefork Jun 17, 2013 9:27 PM Flag


    Will say anything to drive it into the ground. There is no dividend cut and the deal with berry will go through. Once the dust settles we climb to 48-50. I picked up 2000 shares today in the 34 range. If it goes down more I will pick up even more shares. This one of the best run companies in this sector.

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    • linda_mod Jun 18, 2013 11:14 AM Flag

      I should have checked this board before buying LNCO at $35. I thought that price was a deal! Perhaps I'll load up at today's unbelievable price! The Barron's article really hurt both companies--and apparently the consensus is "so what?" Buying insurance on gas prices is common in this industry.

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      • Hold to the end of the year and you will do great.

      • Buying insurance is common. What the question is, how the expense was handled. Was it matched to the revenue when the gas was sold or was it left on the books as long term asset like a drilling rig. Was it averaged over a year to smooth the quarterly number?

      • robin0635 Jun 18, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

        Ms. Linda: Quite simply a result of a 'bear attack' to bring the stock price lower... the goal is to attempt to either:
        a) derail the BRY merger for another buyer OR
        b) bring the price of LNCO down to such a low level that it becomes a bargain/steal; then buy at those levels and reap a windfall profit afterwards... AND
        c) During this time option traders make money betting against the stock...
        aside: And yes it is a buying opportinuty, but at the expense of mom and pop investors who rely on stocks like LINE/LNCO for the dividends to survive... It is great for those who have the money to buy more and cost average down, and for new buyers, but for those already invested and have held their stocks in their IRA's, unaware of what is going on, are taking losses on the chin...
        In time the stock will recover and move to its prior levels... In the meantime predators rely on fear to their benefit...

    • robin0635 Jun 17, 2013 9:56 PM Flag

      gorkdefork: Agreed, but...Prepare for a "bear attack" tomorrow at 11:00am - For specifics go to LINE message board - It was noted on Cramer this evening, as well as tweets, etc. - Tomorrow will be a long day but if the shorts are wrong they will get destroyed -- Puts out-of-sight... Long LNCO, and added LINE @ 30.01 (these numbers are circa 2008 in re LINE) - could be a great buying opportinuty there...

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