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  • choo2choo choo2choo Mar 21, 2014 3:28 PM Flag


    Makes alot of sense for us(LNCO) to be down and sister LINN to be up. It sure would be great if just once some time in the near future for LNCO to have some good news and comments that would result in a nice rally for the stock and get to a trading range of say $30.50 to $33 which is where it belongs. I know it is a nice 9.5% yielding dividend stock and supposedly longterm hold, but there is no reason one should not expect an occassional decent increase in the stock value that last for a while( you would think a stock paying .2416/10%monthly div would be hot as a firecracker trading for more than $30. It would be good for LNCO, Management, shareholders and certainly one's mental attitude about the company in general. What can make this happen that is realistic?

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    • Wouldn't it be great if analysts downgraded stocks before a 20% drop and not after, as usual no value added from these clowns. Just what great bit of insight did JP Morgan come across since the earnings report?

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      • Exactly. JPM lowers their rating after it dropped. It's like predicting the winner of March Madness after the final game. Good job JPM! Nothing has changed with LNCO. IT's the same great company that weathered an outright bear assault last year and will weather this storm too. It will, one day (likely soon) come out of these storms with lessons learned, mistakes they will seek to avoid, and much stronger than they were before the attacks.

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    • I like it lower.
      Chances to buy, and get more shares on the Divi Invest.
      (not too low, 28 range is great)

    • Time is what will make it happen. Just be patient.

      Over the last six months some very large banks and hedge funds (and some crooked journalists) have been playing with the stock. (Over the last six months I've received three separate offers through my broker to lend my shares for shorting.) And in all likelihood some of the former Berry Petroleum owners may be selling off some of their shares. But you are being paid 10% to wait. Ten percent is probably more than the S&P 500 index will return this year. Just be patient. Collect your 10% and treat the current period as a buying opportunity. That's what I'm doing.

      I think we are pretty much all aware that the shares are worth about $40 and that the distributions will probably start going up next year. In time the market will reflect that. It could be six months from now, it could be a year from now, but the share price is going to go up. Sometimes with stock it is just a matter of waiting.

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