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  • new2nvesting new2nvesting Mar 26, 2014 10:18 AM Flag

    Just when you think LNCO surely can't go much lower...

    it drops from the bottom rung into a slimy pit full of dung. Pretty ticked at the poor performance of LNCO thus far this year. Certainly has massively underperformed my expectations. Have had my fingers singed one too many times to keep such a large-stake of LNCO in my portfolio. I sold 3/4th of my holdings yesterday and am done trying to predict the bottom of this attack. At least it's poor performance has brought about greater balance to my holdings. Now, I care less (still some) about LNCO in the coming months. That likely means it will take off soon! GLTA!!

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    • you id implies you are new to investing. But you said you have quite some experience with LNCO...
      Happy lying...
      Bottom line: I like LNCO better when it gets cheaper and cheaper...

    • sounds like your trying to go the 5 stages of grief with the loss of your money. im just at the %$$#%^&&**%$$$$$%%%%$$##@ angry stage. last time i was there i sold bpt for the same reason, but several days later i realized what i did and bought back in and ended up making more than i lost. point is i understand why you sold and like others feel the pain too, but like the other man said nothing has changed with lnco. i believe if they would have boosted divy the shorts would have shorted more and said they cant cover and we still would have gone down. as for me im out of bullets and wont go into margin to buy more. after living through 2008 this in a cow turd in the road to happy destiny.

    • Wow, new2nvsesting has sold. You were one of the most optimistic posters on this board during much of the current decline. With people like you succumbing, I would say the raid is pretty mature and probably almost over. Do you realize that you have been financially raped by Wall Street manipulators, and that the company itself is no different than when you were singing its praises? My condolences that you stepped onto their bear trap.

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      • losing an average of 2% per day for the last month straight has softened my resolve to hold my shares. I see little upward potential in LNCO for now. Man's gotta know his loss limit and move on. Honestly, it's just a tough market right now. I may just move my $$ to the sidelines and sit out a while. Or, I may jump back into an index fund or two. Haven't decided yet. I do know I've lost WAY too much in LNCO. Could've bought a new car or two by now! Oh well!

    • Read the Motley Fool commentary. LINE and LNCO is just fine. When the market hates a stock they will drive it down mercilessly. It will require two more good quarters to adjust, then it will occur slowly because the market is intoxicated with growth. Hang on, buy more when its hits $25. I have 7,000 shares.

    • Fair weather investors don't win against day traders, its about long term goals, & being paid to wait, new2, the hype on this boards exceptional!

    • Don't feel bad you have plenty of company. I personally am in that "poop or get of the pot situation." Way too many share from chasing this stock. down. With a big loss it hard to sell but, 10k shares is my line in the sand. I keep telling myself that the divvy is the savior but, at this rate it will take a year of those t to just make me whole.


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      • Sorry to hear that. I found myself sinking beyond my own comfort level, and have lost enough here to move on and look for greener pastures elsewhere. I may sell my remaining 1/4th if PPS recovers. Even counting the dividends, I'm down over 5%, which isn't terrible -- but I invest to make money -- not lose it. At this rate, I'm increasingly suspicious that there is any upward movement for Linn anytime soon. Sorry to be a downer. GLTA!

    • This is an opportunity to Buy.
      LNCO can cover it Dividend.
      It may take a bit, but by the end of the year, I think it will be around 28 - 30.
      Meanwhile, I pick up more shares.
      I am only concerned about the next 5 - 20 years for this stock.
      Not tomorrow.
      Be an investor, not a trader.

    • It has done nothing but tanked since I invested in this stock,, but I am in it way too deep which I can't afford to write-off. So I will have to hold and wait...... I feel your pain.

    • As for selling 3/4th of your LNCO, it seems when more investors think that way the lower LNCO goes. At some point stronger hands will hold and LNCO will catch a good bid (maybe once the 'wash' is cleared out). (Wash rule, 30 days post losing sale.) Bidders want a good q report along with well supported distributions. Meanwhile, STOP SELLING. We knew going in that LNCO/LINE was subject to short attacks, it just makes pps more volatile, the rise can be just as swift. Don't give in to the fear.

    • Obviously it may be the next earnings before things can move higher again. I'm adding very slowly, just added some yesterday. I'm hoping that the shorts get careless, then get burned with earnings or an unexpected announcement. I knew this was not a double when I got in. I'm here for the dividend, and any gravy upside in stock price. In the meantime, shorties will be contributing slightly to my dividend every month as they continue to play their games.

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