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  • virtualanalyst virtualanalyst Mar 26, 2014 4:38 PM Flag

    Some day in the future maybe 2or3 years from now when this stock is 38-40$ a share.

    Everybody will be saying I had a chance to buy at 26.35.... You'll forget why you didn't buy.
    But the reason most people have trouble investing in the stock market --- FEAR!
    There has been no real fundamental change in the financials of this stock, a couple of downgrades(so what)
    but no talk of divi-cut, weakening fundamentals, investor fraud (in fact they were just cleared by the SEC).
    I understand why a large investor would like to scare people out of this stock and scoop up a 11% yielding stock, but I don't understand why someone would sell it to them. This is a great example of why so many small retail investors get clobbered investing...Believe me I have seen this over and over again in my 30+ years of investing... It's always the same process.

    1 million shares were bought today at 11% yield and I bet it wasn't 1000s of small retail guys doing the buying.

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    • "There has been no real fundamental change in the financials of this stock"

      That's just not true as a matter of fact it's a 'pumping lie'. The SEC investigated managements financial reports and found many discrepancies from accurate reporting. LNCO management had to revise their past financial reports a number of times. Because of the past inaccuracies of management's reporting, the pps dropped dramatically and LINE/LNCO had to offer BERRY shareholders a lot more money for the merger, a lot more. Because of the new/higher offer for a BERRY MERGER the dividend payout is just scraping by and may not be sustainable. The pps of this stock has fallen dramatically, with due cause. And yet dopes and pumpers like Virtualanalyst say that there is no fundamental change in the financials of this stock. THAT IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Slight correction, they were not "cleared" vy the SEC. They never had an investigation going in the first place, it was a private inquiry, not even required to be disclosed.

    • It's call creating a" trading range" for the benefit of the investment banks and hedge funds they don't care which way the trend is up or down, if the market won't give it to them they create it. The flip flop of JPM is a classic example. Everyone knows that the 1st qrt. was tough on producers because of weather issues, that's in the rear view mirror I can see it now from wall street after LINN reports 1st qrt. results. We are up grading LINN as they appear to have navigated the winter related issues and as they move into more normalized operational environment, production growth should pick where to the covered ratio will be comfortably above 1 for the forseeable future. Additional strength in the share price may occur as they monetize the Permian assets.

    • Now one may question whether it was good move to sell at 26...Then one will definitely be Sorry they sold...Then the positive news articles will start..Then it continues to climb ... then people will start to climb on board... Now the big players that bought millions of shares @ 26-27 will start upgrading the stock as it starts reaching new highs. Then people will pile in because they feel SAFE no FEAR... Then somewhere in the future or in some other stock the Game will start all over again....This is what I have observed many many many times.

    • s.eranger Mar 26, 2014 5:36 PM Flag

      this an accurate post. the question is, when will this stop going down....i own both, line and lnco. down a little on line, and more on lnco in my ira. for now, I'm going to collect the dividends and watch...i believe the acquisition of bry and the added oil revenue will take care of itself. this is classic manipulation by the big guys.....

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