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  • choo2choo choo2choo Jul 17, 2014 1:04 PM Flag


    Someone is having a ball with running this stock up and down and assumingly making some $ while doing it. It seems to be so predictable. Maybe the rest of us should unload the next time they take it to 30.35 and buy it back at 29.80+. What a game? Obviously, the only problem with that is as sure as you sell it, they take it on up to 31.50, then sell it. I guess longs just hold on and collect the nice dividends and the up and downers make their $ the way the do as large buyers & sellers on the daily basis. What makes the world go round. With this type activity, I see no way to ever expect to see 32 to 34 per share price as the day traders want allow it to ever get there. For anyone that ever wants to get out for any reason, looks like mid 30s is you best exit point.

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    • ISIS does the same thing. It runs to 36.00 and pulls back to the 26's. It is a wonderful trading stock. I have been trading this trend for awhile now. Just have to locate the pattern and get in and out.

    • By mid 30s, i mean $30.30-$30.50

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      • Choo, You may be correct as it seems they are turning this into a trading stock. With these big daily back and forth swings a trader can make money with ease. I even toyed with the idea myself.

        Don't know right now if I feel comfortable totally unloading in the $30 range but, most likely I will lighten up near the $31 figure as I have accumulated a bunch of shares along the way. So far LNCO has been very good to me and is simply a dividend play with benefits. Additional capital appreciation is a gift. Now, don't get me wrong, I love gifts and I am sure more will come. IMHO there are many shareholders who simply love the divvy and the idea of getting paid 10% to wait for the eventual capital gain is a nice feeling.

        da bear

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