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  • abrahamabbe abrahamabbe Jan 13, 2013 11:47 PM Flag

    A new direction is needed because they still can't shut him up...

    As the days go on, we have been noticing the same unrepentant, raging actor who continues to stir up brand new waves of revenge in those who watch his ongoing cursing. That is precisely what triggered the first wave of demands for justice. Clearly, he is not finished and they allow it.
    But now, we see he wants to portray a relentless stubborn attitude. That is the new reason for gathering evidence and victims who see that it is wrong to wait for another 2 and a half years for a new series of indictments and suits. Who wants to wait another 30 months?!
    He is totally involved with himself. All he can see is himself, and how they wouldn't dare put a senior citizen who is on in years, into prison. That is precisely how he got them all into hot water before. Now, he continues with his cursing and slanderous remarks because he doesn't care if people are offended because he thinks he won't go to jail. It is all about the Gump, the Gump, me, me, I, I the Dump the Dump. No one else counts.
    It doesn't even enter his mind that he will cause new problems for OTHERS who once thought he was their big mouthed key to illegal profits.
    Why doesn't he care about them? Because his narrow minded thinking only surrounds his own personal, petty problems.
    He clearly didn't care about them before (as anyone can see what has happened by not shutting him down when they could have and should have), and he doesn't care about them now, because he thinks, what else can they possibly do to ME?
    That's why we are not finished. They still allow him to remind us almost daily. They allow him to go on and damage the shareholders feelings and finances.
    Okay, WE GOT THE MESSAGE. You haven't stopped even while watching the damage.
    So now it is time for us to begin again in a different direction, with different agencies, the SEC has no control over.

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