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  • monsoon37 monsoon37 Dec 5, 2001 2:31 AM Flag

    NoNo: Why, you ask?

    If you've visited as many boards as I have, you might come to the conclusion that these posters post their crap to "get the bloodhounds off the (MHMY) scent" (post #3351), or whatever Company whose board they're posting on ...In bribarry's post #3367 he blatantly comes right out and says "and anyone with brains would not want to be a part of this mess" ..and of course prftmn, in the very next post, agrees with him (I feel they're one and the same poster ..and that "sid" is another of his aliases) ...consider a three way conversation held by one poster making it seem like a small group agreeing with one another (I suspect he'll deny it tho) ...notice the bad grammar and spelling similarities between prftmn and bribarry ..same person? ...notice how prftmn resorts to name calling when his motivation is questioned old is that juvenile? ...I find the whole thing pretty funny, but I say let him/them continue their charade ...cause if it's at all helping to get our price down, anyone looking to buy more shrs (ME!) shouldn't mind their games ......Long, looking for more, and not goin' anywhere, boys ..lolol

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    • Jeff, how is this market treating you? Understand you have alot on your mind?
      Does the thought of finding a job scar you?

      Love & kisses

    • if you think I am the same person as prftman. FYI, the other class action against mhmy is optomedic medical technologies, which mhmy took public in june 1998 and seems to have disappered, like the company involved in the offering I am suing on in florida. see page 6 of 2000 10-K. by now motion to dismiss should have been decided, and they may be close to getting it made a class action too. you can be sure if the case was dismissed, mhmy would have mentioned it.