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  • monsoon37 monsoon37 May 2, 2002 2:16 PM Flag

    MHMY has got to be..

    imo, the most undervalued stock in my portfolio ...@$.65, it has a mkt cap of only $4.3M ...that's for a full service fin'l & investment banking firm that conducts business thru 8 operational divisions ...its Market Making division alone makes markets in over 4,000 Nasdaq & OTC stocks value is at $1.54 (accrd'g to Yahoo profile) has a Float of like only 2.5+M shrs if you subtract Institutional holdings (16% of float) to me, MHMY is a keeper ...Monsoon adds to position on drops, and never sells ...looking forward to a long, hopefully prosperous relationship ...I'll see what this baby can do in a few years

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    • depending on the facts of how you were damaged by MHMY, it could be argued that a claim exists under RICO. But in my experience it is very hard to bring a civil lawsuit for RICO if the people being sued are not being charged criminally. You would be better off suing for federal securities law violations and/or breach of fiduciary duty and other state or common law claims. I dont know what happened to you, so I cant be more specific.

    • Bribarry, what do you know of the RICO ACT?, in reading your posts and others, they show a "pattern", as defined by the act and they have made false statements as defined by the act, do you think the defined terms of this Act would apply when one looks at this organization? Here is a link to read on.

    • you better read the 10-K. it no longer has 8 divisions, it CLAIMS to make markets in 3000 stocks, not 4000, and based on fine of MHMY, Marty and head trader, they are doing it, at least in some instances, in an illegal manner. Furthermore, it has shareholder equity of 7.5m and 6.6 mill shares (not inculding outstanding options), so thats book value of $1.13. BUT, some of the assets are either not convertable into cash, or if sold would probably bring in much less than they are carried at, like office furniture and equipment, so its probably really only $1 book value, at best, and thats as of now. With losses of over $1 mill a month for last two years, the shareholders equity could be wiped out in 7 months. If it was such a great deal, dont you think some company would be buying it, since the company could be bought out, at current prices, for a mere $4 mill.

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