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Norfolk Southern Corporation Message Board

  • pitteng pitteng Jul 28, 2001 11:12 AM Flag

    Adventues in Management training

    New management personal running around in yard. Fresh out of college.
    Here are some true adventures:
    1> Approaches engineer. States that we must do better job in operational rules. Engineer asks "When were you last on an engine?"
    Management trainee "Never". Engineer walks away
    2> Trainee watches crew moving around in yard. Practice for weed weasel. After crew gets to yard destination, crew notices trainee approach engines. Engineer starts to stops engine. Before train stops, trainee boards train and proceeds to cite rule operations. Engineer points out that trainee boarded train before it stopped-MAJOR VIOLATION. Trainee insists he did not. When asked to pull tapes, trainee leaves.
    3> Trainee watches local board power and start move to track. Crew told to stop and get rider. Trainee get on. Power starts moving. Trainee tell eng. that his position in seat not condusive to safe movement of train. Engineer points out that units(2) are controlled by engineer on other unit.(At this time, no cars). Trainee points out that engineer has no ear plugs and checks engineer's shoes.
    Arriving at site to split power to get cars, conductor asks for 3-step so he can uncouple power. Trainee go with conductor to see how this is done. Part of learning process. After a while, engineer goes out to see what is taking so long. He sees conductor with lantern flashing between units and trainee between engines. Asked what was going on, trainee says that he was going to uncouple hoses(MU and train) so they won't pull away from engine upon separation. Also, he neglected to close angle cock. For those who don't work out here, this would cause hoses to violently snap and could cause MAJOR face and jaw damage. Conductor tried to tell him, but no go, he is MANAGEMENT. FOrtunately, he listened to engineer and stopped.
    And to think that some day this man will be MY weed weasel- checking my books and telling me what I did wrong. All is verified with witnesses.

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    • I have no problem with the content of his post. I do have a problem with his presentation. I find it offensive and repugnant. Sorry, but that's how I feel. Post your opinions, say what you want, but do it in a civil manner. The intent may have been good, but his verbage makes the post nothing more than garbage to me. Sorry. Fire away!!

    • Gee Beech, as vulgar and despicable as Icecold's post was yours may have topped it. His post any rational person would readily discount. Yours on the other hand is a little more insidious. To try to use Icecold as a example of all Conrail men? Why stop there? He is also an American. Is it not also true that if he 'represents' Americans it's no wonder they bomb our embassies and justifiably hate us so. Oh! He's also a man, and as one, do you hold to blame for the feminist movement. It is TRULY vulgar and despicable to hold a entire group accountable for the actions of one individual. Vulgar meaning "marked by ignorance" and despicable as "contemptible and mean".

    • Northboundshuffle, your style of writing has intrigued me for some time. You know what I mean, the half sentences where you don�t make any sense, etc. Well this has bugged me for a long time. Every time I would reach a conclusion, and it was always the same, I would say, Naw, that can�t be. I even put you on my �ignore� list for a couple of days, but thanks to the �Beech�, took you off. You are to amusing to ignore. Then today I come in from the golf course, after a very bad game (lost my shirt), had some dinner and sat down to check my stock, then read the post on this board. I read that long post from you, in which you again said nothing of substance, then read the �cool beer drinkers� post and it hit me like a bolt out of the blue. You must be the �beer drinkers� girl friend! Please do everyone on this board a favor and insist that he stop putting all that foul language in his post. Is that really the way you people on the old Conrail think and talk? If it is, all I can say to the NS Trainmasters is, GO GET�EM.

    • So far I have defended the right of everyone to voice his opinionon on this board, even when I do not agree with that person's position. That is until now. You sir are vulgar and despicable. Your choice of language is offensive and not welcome as far as I am concerned on this forum. You are not even up to being one of Northbound's "common" people. If you are "representative" of what I keep hearing are the "Conrail people," it's no wonder someone wants you fired or worse. GO SUCK AN EGG!

    • If you want to know why complaints are not taken seriously read the below post. While you have never made arguments in this fashion and I thank you for that. This post undermines any argument that agrees with some of this. Not fair...yes. But true.

    • Thats correct I have always agreed with what you have just said.

      However, the FRA and the union should be able to do something about the firings for reporting injury..that is a common complaint and one that someone should be able to do something about.

    • Excuse me for butting in... but exactly what do you think that someone from labor CAN do to change the management practices adopted by this company? You stated "that dissatisfied employees are the reason that NS will never overcome the obstacles it faces". I think that is exactly Northbound's point. A company that is managed as NS is will always have 'trouble' with it's employees. An adversarial style of management promotes two opposing sides working against each other. Unfortunatly, in this situation the customer is at best of little consideration and at worse case the victim in the power-play battles.

    • GREAT STORY . BUT SIR, YOU WERE TO NICE, IT IS WORSE THEN THAT. NOT ONLY, do they dislike NSC but they just think conrail is just a piece of shit...... no matter what a conrail person does he is no good. when you have a division like this means that management is so bad from the top down they could give a shit, except going to the bathroom and jerking off. because 99 percent of the management jerks off. I think that is known all over. you take the management position so you hide out in the bushes with your pants down jerking off and saying when a train goes by you cum... because they are basically f g tts.... I have not seen one good management yet that does a good job anymore... they are jerks..... and we are pain in the asses because we run down the tracks with our trains and they get caught jerking off... I know of a supervisor many years ago in operations in phila, got caught jerking off with the door open ,(wholly shit at least he could of closed the door.) and he became supervisor of eastern region. this is true, what a bunch of whack off in management...... he was right under the general manager probably more ways then one......... so there is proof what management is...

    • A few observations:

      1. Nobody likes to be reminded of what is wrong on a continuous basis.
      2. Presentation is everything as in the catching of flys with honey.
      3. If one continues to present an unpopular notion credibility may be lost although the problem may be genuine and serious.
      4. Common people are not necessarily lowly in stature but do not attain the higher status in the eyes of some who place themselves on a loftier plane than they truly deserve.
      5. Without changing the rules once in a while we would now be a third world country.
      6. Change can be good albeit sometimes change is painful.
      7. "Blasting" back will not help. That implies that the post to be answered is meant in itself to "blast."
      8. Finally a question: Why not simply solve the problem?

    • Northbound,

      I was just going to read the posts and laugh but then you had to bring me into this "Glorified jax clerk." I am pretty sure this was directed at me.

      You entire post explains why the NS will never overcome the obstacles it faces. The answer is people like you. You are so unhappy with your life and the way things are and you apparently feel helpless so you whine and squabble.

      You take what was said and turn it around. No one ever said it was perfect they said you should stop comlaining and start doing something. For some reason you think you are very special and I hate to inform you but you are not. Thi glorified clerk always wanted to work for the railroad, his father has worked for the railroad for 30 years and is still there, his fathers father worked for the railroad....railroading is in my family. Those people did not think they were owed they worked for what they wanted. The folks like you want to sit back demand things and whine about what could have been.

      You keep saying that the majority is saying it so it must be true. Let me explain something to you. Truth is not a democracy! The majority does not own it, it simply means a multitude of people are wrong.

      Instead of trying to change peoples words around just accept it.

      Mgmt is not always at fault, nor are they all ignorant butt-heads. All union workers are not the greatest thing since sliced bread.

      The problems that are here today most often were created by both sides.

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