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  • refiwizard refiwizard Jan 4, 2008 11:47 AM Flag

    GNK back to 54 today

    after fedspeak... funds will step in to add to positions... watch the movement up to 54

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    • "where would we be without wishful thinking" - wilco

      Seriously, what value do you think you are adding to this board with a post like this? This told me absolutely nothing except that you are hoping that the stock will make a mid day reversal. I think there are 10,000's other longs which are hoping the same thing without the need to post it onto a message board.

      Since you feel the need to post, how about taking a stab at the question below!!!
      1. Do you think this would be a good time to add to your position or does it have more fall ahead of it? And Why?

      Awaiting your thoughtful anwser,

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      • good time to add.


        1) prospects are favorable for dry bulk shipping

        2) ceo was on cnbc a few weeks ago and expressed a confidence with the outlook going forward.

        3) big funds are looking to allocate monies, and this is a good place given market conditions of other sectors like financial

        4) if you watch the stock closely, it is frequently bids up to 56-57 , as accumulation of large buyers takes place...

        5) oversold at this level... i see it at 55 next week.

        6) your sister was moaning to me about it the other night.

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