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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet Aug 24, 2013 8:40 PM Flag

    Everybody is crying the sky is falling

    In my opinion only, they have been crying that the sky has been falling for years. In 2008, we were in a financial crisis and recession. Some breaking news the sky is not falling anymore. Anybody who is coming out of this crisis will be in better shape because the worst is over. Yes a lot of companies went down into bankruptcy Chapter 11. A lot of people lost their homes. Unemployment hit a record high. That is all over in the past. There is a brighter future. There are more opportunities. Look at the bank crisis. You could have bought Bank of America for $5 and tripled your money. Same thing goes for Ford. They were crying about Rite Aid with its $5 billion in debt and they were on the verge of bankruptcy. It went low as 85 cents. Now it is 3.50. I bought this at its lowest. This was my #1 pick in my second book I love money Money is good Money is green I see a lot of green in this stock. As I am writing my new book The Sleeping Giant, my #1 pick might be GNK Genco. This is the reason why I decided to put this one in my book. By the time I get done with my book, the stock will probably hit newer 52 week highs more than once. The reason why I like this stock so much is because the stock has a lot of assets . The economy in this industry is coming back. This stock was overkilled by the shorties. Ask yourself a couple of questions. If insiders own 28% and they are not selling. Why? If institutions own close to 48% and they are not selling. Why? Every time this stock gets closer to a breakout they short it and some BS news to try to bring it down.They tries to break the momentum of the stock. Because of their actions, they dug themselves into a whole big mess. They are going to have to cover. With the volume increasing almost 400%, this stock has a great potential of a pretty huge short squeeze. There are even new numbers coming out about the percentage of how much it has been shorted. With such a low float this stock will definitely explode.In my opinion only

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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