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  • investrman investrman Nov 6, 2013 7:51 AM Flag

    Earning tomorrow 8:30am EST

    Hope you all have been invested along with others who have quietly been accumulating over past weeks including insiders and some institutionals...

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    • Why are you such an idiot? Earnings are tonight and "accumulation" does not result in LOWER share prices, you incredible moron.

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      • Stock promoters hate it when you use logic. If the price was up today they would claim it was accumulation pushing up the price via the supply-demand curve. But when the price is down? It's still accumulation! "They lowered the price today so they could buy shares cheap." Yes, that's astoundingly poor logic, but the fact that stock pumpers use it all over the web tells me that it must effectively fool people.

        BTW - I didn't see any point in arguing logic with Investrman, but institutional filings actually show significant sales of GuNK. That's not surprising because nearly all institutional investment managers are restricted by internal organizational rules on the quality of stocks they can buy. For example, many are not allowed to buy stocks under $5. Essentially none would be allowed to buy into a company with GuNK's current ratio. But they're free to sell. Being free to sell but forbidden to buy can only lead to a gradual reduction in institutional holdings. And that's exactly what we see.

    • There are no earnings, only losses. This is a fact that should become clear to you soon.

      For every buyer there is a seller. I have no doubt that some insitutions have bought GuNK recently, while others have sold. Stock pumpers and bashers can only see one side of the transaction.

      Insiders have not filed with the SEC to indicate any recent sales or purchases. Stock pumpers and bashers feel free to lie when the facts don't exist. There are no recent insider purchases, just like there are no earnings.