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  • palo_alto63 palo_alto63 Mar 12, 2010 11:46 AM Flag

    this direct from GOOGLE TRANSLATOR....

    QIAN Bao-e-commerce in China provide the most complete and most secure online income, payment services, regardless of company size or personal, can be done online through the insurance money received in payment transactions. 我们的服务专为中国电子商务度身定造,并充分令中国用户相信- 选择钱保进行网上交易更称心如意。 Our services specifically for the Chinese e-commerce tailor-made, and fully so that users in China believe that - select the money is more desirable security for online transactions. 钱保将转变互联网上传统的交易方式,让网上商务与中国消费者直接联系,使开拓中国市场的电子商务活动比从前更容易。 QIAN Bao-will change the Internet, the traditional transaction methods to enable online commerce and direct contact with consumers in China, so that e-commerce activities in the Chinese market more easily than ever before.

    钱保针对网上交易的付款及配送环节,特别推出了具有安全保障的低成本(甚至无须成本)的付款服务。 QIAN Bao-payment for online trading and distribution sectors, in particular, has introduced a low-cost security (or even no cost) of payment services. 钱保的运作方式是以钱保为信用中介,结合物流配送服务在最大程度上降低交易风险,保护买卖双方的利益。 QIAN Bao-mode of operation is based on money, security for the credit intermediary, with logistics and distribution services to the maximum extent possible to reduce transaction risks and protect the interests of buyers and sellers. 买卖双方通过钱保完成付款,并通过钱保的合作物流配送商完成配送,这样可以使买卖双方在交易开始后即时了解支付状态和商品配送状态,网上交易了如指掌! Insurance buyers and sellers to complete the payment through money and through the cooperation of insurance money to complete the delivery logistics and distribution business, which allows buyers and sellers in the transaction immediately after the commencement of payment status and delivery of goods to understand the state, well known online transactions!... See More

    经过不断的努力,我们已经是: Through continuous efforts, we have are:
    西部最大的支付平台 The West's largest payment platform
    工商银行战略合作伙 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China strategic cooperative partnership
    国内十六家银行正式合作伙伴 16 Bank of China official partnership
    西部首家支持VISA、MASTERCARD 二十亿用户的在线支付平台 Support of the West's first VISA, MASTERCARD two billion users online payment platform
    美国联邦快递中国唯一战略合作伙伴 U.S. Federal Express China as the sole strategic partner

    从钱保投入运行以来,因为服务用心,交易安全快捷,技术先进而赢得了广大商户和个人用户的喜爱,经过不断地改进,我们启用了全新的钱保支付系统,随着钱保的日趋完善,将为更多的商家和个人提供最优质、最贴近的支付服务,所以我们期待广大新客户的加入也希望老朋友为我们的改进提出宝贵的意见让我们不断进取,为您服务。 Paul has the money put into operation because the service motive, transaction safe, efficient, technologically advanced and won the majority of businesses and individual users love, through continuous improvement, we have the money to enable a new payment system security, with the money to be insured are maturing more businesses and individuals will provide the best quality and most close to the payment of services, so we look forward to join the majority of new customers also hope to improve our old friends for their valuable advice for our continued progress, to serve you.

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