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  • jpr196 jpr196 Jan 29, 2013 2:17 PM Flag

    Any real holders with actual talk - not bashing or saling other #$%$

    Yeah there are some real investors around here..not many though. Here's the deal with Chelsea. The FDA wants longer term efficacy data than has been provided with the Phase 3's to this point. 306b which released results in December was not statistically significant when it came to long term data but the trial wasn't originally designed with that in mind.

    Chelsea will meet with the FDA at some point in the next few months to design a new Phase 3 trial to meet the FDA requirement. I think depending on how that meeting goes can be a catalyst for the stock to get it moving in a positive direction again..meaning if Chelsea's management can convince investors that they've designed a trial that they believe can meet the FDAs requirement.

    Besides that, they have a cash issue that will need to be addressed at some point this year.