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  • paggap2000 paggap2000 Dec 18, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    Slow and easy up tick whithout news.

    Absolutely picture perfect before panel day.
    Looking for low $ 4 ish by Jan 13th with 25-30% increase when positive panel vote declared

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    • jv3p Dec 18, 2013 6:28 PM Flag

      Your'e way too low. This already hit $8 and $5-$7 multiple times without being close to where we are now. The 5 year chart shows that it should go to $7 soon. It is copying an upswing pattern. Speculation regarding potential revenues and indications should bring this into the teens. The concerns of how drug is marketed is a silly point. The company has stated projected revenues of 300-375 million per year with only 15-20% of existing patients factored in. That seems to me to be very conservative. If we value biotechs at 3x sales, then this should be valued at over a billion market cap which would translate to 3-4x today's closing price. These revenue projections don't include other indications including fibromyalgia, adult ADHD or vertigo. That's where more speculation will come in to play driving price even higher. Into the 20's is my guess eventually. The only real thing missing is media attention. Investors simply don't really know about CHTP yet. As the panel date and the FDA decision date get closer, we will see more people alerted and will make decisions either long or short to invest. I'm sure stock picking sites will eventually promote CHTP as well. I'm hoping short term that this will pop very nicely on over-zealousness, pull back some and then it's more about revenues from that point.

    • Nobody likes to be wrong but in this occasion, yes, hopefully I will be found too conservative. :-)

      The reason why I am low balling share prices at this time is because I have not been able to find out what are Chelsea's plans for marketing/distributing Northera to the medical community.

      Some partnership agreement with the right company will definitively allow substantially higher pps, hopefully this matter will be addressed shortly by management.

    • Too conservative. Will be in mid to upper 4's in my opinion before panel.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I think it will be close to $5 before panel vote. Backers Brothers and other investors know they have great chances of success and that's the reason they invested in last quarter.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy