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  • faz239 faz239 Jan 13, 2014 12:50 PM Flag

    CHTP The Huge Play for Tomorrow Watch OUT

    CHTP, what we know of this stock so far. Lots of news recently came out today, mostly about buy rating and some techinicals. But did the truth of the CHTP has changed in reality. It is what it is. It is all about medical data. I know there are mixed situations. What the smart money does - wait and see the market progress. Retailers should be very careful when making decisions. One reason, the situation can take most of money from investment. One thing I belive that the FDA will not give any sereious positive news. The stock will go through next phase of testing. Even with that news, what may happens. The stock is way too volatile. Let's say it goes throug next phase for addtional data and investigation. Stock may drop tremendously out of fear or it may go up 10-20%. So what chance you wanna take. I can go over all the news and talk about the drug but not neccessary. Like I said it is about data. One honest question do you think FDA will approve this drug tomorrow or provide happy feedback. They usually do not until previous sessions with FDA was joyful. I can smell lots of retailer may lose a big chunk. From my experince, I went thorugh this before many times in the the past. I want to be rich also but not by taking 30/70 chance. I can take some by playing in the middile meaning I wait for the news and play from there. That way you have better grasp of the situation. Play more stocks to maximize the profit and minimize the loss. The stock is more like a game than a reality show. The news are manipulated from bottom to top. It is your choice if you want to play extreme. But before that understand the reality of the stock standing point.

    I am waiting for the news and see how it goes. I just want part of pie not the whole. I think it is better way to go.

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