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  • chtptomoon chtptomoon May 8, 2014 8:14 PM Flag


    1. sell now and move on
    2. hold for a few days and hope for 6.7 or higher
    3. accept tenure offer with a possibility to make another 7 percent a year for 3 years. Nothing to lose here except hope? In this market its hard to find 7% some years.

    I agree that the management sold for to little. No sense the deal was not a straight 7.9 with no sales metrics attached.
    Management here has always been the weak link in this company.

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    • Moon, it's NOT 7% for three years. You get. 6.44 back now/soon to invest elsewhere. Your new cost basis will only be the difference between what you can sell the stock for now in the open market, and the deal price of 6.44! That is your true cost going forward. You have to calc your gain from that.

      Sentiment: Hold