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  • incomestream58 incomestream58 Feb 8, 2005 9:26 PM Flag

    Disgruntled shareholders

    How does the Big Dick, albeit gruntled
    keep his job? He must be the worst railroad
    boss in history. Someone needs to wake the
    board of directors up
    to see if they are still alive.
    How do you manage to miss out on the biggest
    railroad earnings opportunity of this century?

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    • No doubt you are right. Union Pacific is the worst mananged railroad in the country by a wide margin. But look for UNP to make progress faster than expected.
      The stock is underpriced based on historical norms, the railroads are taking business from trucking, high fuel prices give the railroads a comparative advantage. and, best of all, Wall Street believes UNP will perform badly. One other point. it is not likely UNP will face competition from the China Railroad.

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      • 2/9/05

        cutup_2000..."Union Pacific is the worst managed railroad in the country by a wide margin..."

        No doubt about that statement...UP is absolutely the worst managed at the senior executive level of any of the Class Ones..

        BUt in all my years at the UP...we had a saying and damned if it wasn't true..."The UP makes money in spite of itself..."....the only year the UP has really fallen on its sword is Year 2004 when the inept ability of the senior level management of UP fell flat on its ass...but, the railroad made money but, at the expense of stockholders and continued abuse of UP's employees...

        Davidson is in the process of distancing himself from the mess by getting rid of Ike Evans ( recently departed CO-Chairman of the UP...who was worthless..) but, unfortunately, most of the board members of the UP were brought on by Big Dick so they aren't ready to give him the boot...

        The only good news is that BIg Dick will hopefully go within the next two years and his successor, Jim Young- heir apparent- will take control of the's too early to know what type of directon & leadership he will bring to the railroad,,but anything will be better than the abuse and ineptness of Big Dick...

        So, hopefully, the employees still working can hold on until Big Dick is sent packing and once Young takes the helm he can set the course and go about the daunting job of righting the ship....a large job in lieu of the ship wreck the UP has experienced under Davidson and his henchmen...

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