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  • daveus1077 daveus1077 Nov 28, 2005 8:39 AM Flag

    working for UP

    I'm sorry to bother all of you. I realize this is the financial board and not an employee forum.
    Reading the messages, it appears that most of you have or still work for railroads. I'm thinking about going to work for UP in California. I've tried to find a board where I could read employees giving the pros and cons of working for UP. I haven't had any success.
    Could someone please give me a link to where I could get opinions on working for UP as a yard worker? Thank You

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    • Double dipping only applies if one of the sposal employees started their RR career prior to 1975

    • When both retire he will receive his pension and the spouse portion of hers. She will receive her pension and the spouse portion of his. Approximately 3 times what one pension would be and if both are high paid engineers on good runs it will be over $9,000. per month.

    • I have a friend that is an engineer for the BNSF and his wife is also, I can only speculate what they will draw, thousands I would guess.

    • "A couple will draw well over $4000/month"

      I should have gotten in train service, instead of MOW, we ain't getin' anywhere close to that, but it is still better than Social Security.

    • Daveus,
      One sign that working for UP is not that bad of a job is all the people who stay and make it a career. People complain about the odd hours we work and not having set days off. Then there are those who complain about working outdoors or having to work holidays. In fact one thing you will notice is that railroaders complain a lot. It is not an easy job but not not a hard job either. I am actually amazed that of all the young people they have hired over the last three years only a few have quit. They are just as hardy a generation as those before.

    • 11/28/05

      daveus1077...well, as a retired Union Pacific employee ( who originally hired out as a UPRR employee before the mergers), I can only agree with Juanster..we hired on and got alot of our careers in while the UP was a good road...and you were proud of the company you worked for...sadly, most employees are not proud of the UP anymore...many are just counting the days till things have changed and being proud of your company and feeling like you are making a difference just don't exist anymore for many employees...

      Now, that's the bad news..however, some good things about UP are - - in the many many years I collected a UP paycheck, I never worried about it bouncing at the bank...UP has deep pockets & the benefits are good ( although Omahagod continually looks for ways to cut benefits unfortunately...). But, you will have a good paying job ( compared to what you'd find on the outside) and your check will never bounce...the UP ( as the joke goes), makes money in spite of itself so, long term UP will be a player in the long run...the problem , as an active employee, is surviving..cutting the work force is Omahagod's favorite past getting a full career in is getting harder to do...

      ON the postive side, Dick Davidson, who as Chairman of the Board, has almost driven the company into the ground, is retiring first of the year, and a good man, Jim Young, is taking over...there is plenty on his plate..the first of which is restoring the confidence of many employees who don't trust Omaha anymore...but, Young will certainly be better than "slash & burn Dick"...

      You'll have no life for the first ten years, so forget being off on weekends or holidays...if you're married, tell your wife you'll catch up with her in about 10/15's that demanding...

      But, again, UP will be around long term...and as said before..." UP makes money in spite of itself..."..

      Good luck to you if come aboard...

    • Dear gawwwwddd, son, I wish you luck. I was fortunate to have hired out on the railroad back in the day when it was a good job. I was also fortunate enough to have been able to get the hell out in the last couple of years. You couldn't get me to work for one now unless the only other option was starvation or lethal injection.

      Here's a site of real railroaders from a variety of different carriers. There is also a special U.P. section. These guys will be more than happy to talk to you, both pro and con. I believe there are some participants there from Kally as well.,com_smf/Itemid,54/

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