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  • localjohn localjohn Jul 19, 2011 8:00 PM Flag

    Has this company doubled on Obama's watch?

    I hear some employees are being paid (5yrs) to stay home. The rumor is up-to 700 employees with similar UAW agreements.

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    • More and more CEO's are speaking out against the socialist Obama. Yesterday on CNBC a CEO of a large company was asked what can be done to get businesses hiring again. His quick answer was get Washington out of our way. He said all these massive regulations and Obamacare are stopping businesses from hiring.

      Today on CNBC a firm that does surveys of top companies said that in May just 27% of firms polled felt pessimistic about the future of their business and now this month it has jumped to over 60%.

      Like the great CEO Jack Welch has said, Obama is the most anti-business President of all time.

      Unfortunately we have to suffer another year and half of Obummer, unless we can get him impeached.

    • Believe TARP was done on the Bush watch much to our chagrin. That is what provided the grist for the wheels.

      As for the stimuLIE to pad special interest groups and fund Acorn.... we still lost 11 million jobs since Obama started his rants and tirades against banks after taking office.

      He is the hangover that just wont go away. When he is voted out, stock market will rise 1200 points

    • Obama has added almost $5 trillion to the debt and now is crying that he needs the debt limit increased so he can spend more.

      His idea of a balanced approach is he spends more and we give more.

      Harry Reid has proposed phony cuts in spending that counts over a trillion dollar in cuts as shutting down the wars. As usual we can expect the left to lie about everything.

      The Obama administration is now enlisting the crack head zombies like LocalJohn to spill their filth and lies all over the internet.

      The country is wising up to the BS from the left and is saying we must neuter Obama from spending this country into bankruptcy.

      NObama 2012

    • I know Alan,this is a man's man he would never use the race card. He' one tough,smart,and independent gentleman.

    • I like Alan West.

      He might be a black guy, but he protected his troops and was fooked by the American commie media.

      Too bad he's not running for President, he'd have my vote.

    • No...not a clue, mas'sa.

    • Backing a black candidate with precisely zero chance of being the GOP nominee is very big of you. And just about as hinest as everyithng else you post here.

    • Nice try smoke out of the rear. You continue to show everybody what an idiot you are.

      I deplore racism and I think those that play the race card are the worst of all!
      So you continue to show how low you can go.

      I would be very happy if Herman Cain became President or Vice President. He is a very bright man and a great businessman. He is light years ahead in being a leader than the current POTUS.
      Oh in case your pea brain doesn't know Herman is black!

    • It's apparent that you do not have a clue what racism is.

    • Forget it torrey...racists such as our friends here simply can't say he's a bad President because he's black. His presidency, as difficult as it was destined to be anyway thanx to Georgie, was entirely hijacked by racist cowards, posturing themselves with racists in America, using trumped up "policy issues" to hide their real strategy. So just forget it...ther'es nothing you can say to cure racism.

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