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  • railsnstocks railsnstocks Jul 24, 2011 5:56 PM Flag

    Time to start recall elections for all members of congress

    For failure to pass a budget.

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    • US should enact a guaranteed annual income benefit of $30,000 for all residents, including legal and illegal aliens. Food stamps should be quadrupled and given to all non-workers and workers laboring off the books. Unemployment insurance benefits should be tripled with no penalty for working off the books. Every elderly resident (over 35) should automatically qualify for two 24-hour home health aides under Medicaid, which should automatically be granted to all non-working residents who ask for it. These benefits should be financed by taxing at no more than 99.99999999999-percent all earned and unearned income over $30,000 a year, with any deficit covered by borrowing from anyone stupid enough to lend us a wooden nickel and by directing that baldheaded idiot at the Federal Reserve to print more money and further debase our currency. I plan on contacting both my Democratic senators who, I'm sure, will approve of my proposal.

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      • Sunnil53, great post.

        I bet a lot of the democrat posters here were all in favor of what you were posting.
        That is what is so very sad with the liberal mind set.
        They truly believe that the government should support them forever at any cost.

        This is why America is in such a great decline. The liberal media and these left wing democrats have preached how America need not work hard or get a good education, because the government will support all you lazy people.

        Under Obama 51% of the population does not pay income taxes. For the first time in our history a minority of the population is paying for the majority of the population. And what does the President want? Of course he wants more taxes from the hard working Americans to support more of his lazy Americans and illegals.

        NObama 2012

    • The Republican party is bad for anyone that are not rich

    • Couldn't agree more vote out all incumbents!!
      The politicians have wrecked this country & it's future.

    • Pelosi and her nenchmen didn't pas a budget for two years. Now the GOP is trying and they are suddenly bad people?

    • I agree...Obama is playing the tax the rich card when taxing the rich pushes rich peoples money abroad. According to black economist Thomas Sowell at Stanford Univesity $200B generating 2M jobs somewhere else. Taxing the rich sounds right but plays dirty politics getting votes but loosing jobs.

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