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  • bushrulz bushrulz Jul 27, 2011 11:31 PM Flag

    Time to start recall elections for all members of congress

    Pelosi and her nenchmen didn't pas a budget for two years. Now the GOP is trying and they are suddenly bad people?

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    • Pelosi grated on my nerves,

      Now Boehner is grating on my nerves.

      Republicans need to get rid of Boehner, he's an idiot just like Pelosi was.

      Obama has been reasonable in his budget discussions. Boehner is obstructing at a critical time and not paying attention to the fact Europe is now a basket case and there is no flexibility to do political BS now. Time to get the job done.

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      • The democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House for two years and did nothing to address the budget.
        Now after Obama has added five trillion dollars to our debt, he wants to spend more money.

        Did everybody forget last November's landslide election that was the biggest defeat for the democrats since the 1930's?
        Tea Party candidates were elected in droves to stop Obama"s reckless spending. That was their mandate.

        Boehner and Harry Reid came to an agreement a week ago but Obama nixed it. That is why Boehner realized Obama does not care about anything except trying to get re-elected in 2012.

        Remember Obama came up with a plan in May that was so soundly rejected by the democrat controlled Senate that the vote came out 97 to nothing!
        Thats what even democrats think of Obummer. He is the idiot.

        Boehner is trying to convince conservative republicans to give a little even though it goes against their mandate. It is Obama that is so stubborn that he does not want to be talking about his fleecing of America during election time.

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