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  • mmjohntx mmjohntx Oct 10, 2003 10:18 PM Flag

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    IVAN is the stock to buy! Robert Friedland is very well tied into the CHINESE government which will benefit both IVAN and IVN.TO Ivanhoe Mines. Over there, it is definately who you know and Friedland is very well entrenched with the Chinese Govt and the CEO of CITIC. Don't believe me, do your own research and you will know then which to buy. I haved owned both IVAN and Ivanhoe Mines since Feb 03. I actually think Ivanhoe Mines has the most potential (IVN.TO / IVHMF.PK). Look for BIG NEWS coming from Ivanhoe MINES about a scoping study for Oyu Tolgi deposit in Mongolia and the sale of thier copper mine in Myannmar(formerly Burma) to CITIC, China's largest state controlled corporation. Stock has already moved up big but the metal they have discovered to date (still drilling and finding more) makes it easily a $30-$40 stock in the next 1-2 years. Don't pass this opportunity up and if you have to chose between RTK and IVAN, definately go with IVAN. Look for a pull back early next week as an entry point.

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    • Be careful with Friedland and IVAN.

      Check out his history with a company called Galactic Resources. Besides causing the largest environmental accident in the State of Colorado, none of his contacts and contracts everpanned out in China.

      Galactic went the way of tyranasauras rex and all the investors lost their money.

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      • Thats one of the things I hate about msg boards. People like you feel like they can make 100% false statements and think it is ok. My largest holding by far is Ivanhoe Mines and I did extensive research for over a year before making such a large investment. I know all about Galactic. Ask me anything you would like to know about Robert Friedland and I am confident that I already know about it! YOU SAID:

        "none of his contacts and contracts ever panned out in China"

        Obviously you took no time whatsoever before posting utter B.S.
        All you have to do is type in IVAN to get a quote on Ivanhoe Energy on yahoo and look at the headlines. Since you are mentally challanged, I will help you out.

        :// yhoo&guid=%7BDCEB43C4%2DE035%2D421B%2D9D6F%2DA73943795B81%7D
        :// yhoo&guid=%7B382FC3C2%2D5E2E%2D4624%2DB3D2%2D31ABBE4D09F3%7D

        (Just add http to each of the links if you can handle that??)

        Friedland plays golf regularly with officials in Bejing and the CEO of CITIC. You probably dont even know what CITIC is? I will help you out. It is the largest state controlled corporation in China. By the way, Friedland has the Chinese govt. pitching in $300,000,000 to build a rail system from their gold/copper resource (Turquisoe Hill/Oyu Tolgoi) in Mogolia to China. I could go on and on but I wont waste my info on such a mental midget. Get your info straight before the next time you spread total BS.

    • By the way, I also own LNG. I really don't know how to value the company so I am considering taking my small profits and buying some more Ivanhoe Mines and Ivanhoe Energy. I may consider holding off untill the end of the year to see how NG companies do the next few months. I also own a lot of FSNGX Fidelity Select Natural Gas. Fidelity just removed the 3% sales charges from its Select Funds. Now you can play sectors NO LOAD through Fidelity.

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