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  • bigjake7au bigjake7au May 11, 2008 4:00 AM Flag

    Lower Vol. Sells Met With High Vol. Buying..Hmm

    Been considering LNG action Fri. realizing how perplexed we all most likely are. Trying to protect myself by selling into those strange drops..(abit too late at times lol) Then buying as selling seems to slow before reversing to the upside. Watching this trade by trade, I notice relatively smaller sell volume in this unreal % drop was met with high buy volume at bottom and further up to the 6 level. Much volume today & most of that volume towards the lows of day sure implies ALOT of buy interest down here. Such a % drop..with realtively low sell volume is sure a great opporntunity to create all those panic sells)..To allow such Big Buying up of those cheaper shares. In watching those buys come in I ask myself, looking back after researching volume during Fri., Who was waiting down here to invest this high % of the float in this area..after the drive down in price?? Notice how hard it turned at the bottom...Seems most selling stopped..overwelmed with buy demand?? Ran back toward 6 with pretty solid strength and stalled just above 6..(probubly due to low & sub 5 buys by day traders taking their high % gains. If so then lots of that selling around 6 was more artifical to longer term price..and more to do with action Fri. afternoon??...Hmm....If you wanted to get shares to buy down here wouldnt pushing the price down disproportionate to selling volume sure opened up those cheaper shares to scoop up? LNG is tradind some other way than by avail. info on future prospects...either way...As we all can see all to painfully at Given the buying interest down here>>>>..It wouldnt take much now to move it up 30% perhaps...or more...Paying off those lower bought shares and creating more vol in at higher levels. 1 bit of positive news..of agreement with anyone of colaboration or cash infusion..or a few more possibilities...Sends this price up by amazing percentages from here. Someones seem to be playing with LNG...Steady low volume all day till such a drop...So much interest down here to turn it around??....Makes one wonder? Seems there is far more to gain on the upside now than to the downside. Benders of LNG trading during the day can control that direction so easily! All eyes seem to be on how for real the prospects for LNG future really are. Anything less than the worst would send this price up multiples of where it is now. The company has went this far..They have plenty of time left either way, to play this out...negotiations with any interested partners mush be at a fever pitch now. With this much time on the clock it would seem to be a great time to gather shares down here and send them up where more profit is available now. ANY GOOD NEWS at ALL..puts this at 9 to 10 minimum...Quite a return from down here..with supply and demand turning to the upside here. There is enough still here to warrant others getting in down here..and the powers that be can make more $$ going up 5 points...than the other way. 1 word of good news is all it takes..and the timing would be perfect too. Imagine They have come to far not to play this out. I would expect something positive to be announced quite soon. Much cheaper for someone to deal with them now for all the $$ it would take to rebuild it all is far more than the debt+market value of LNG. Someone would want to secure as big a % of potential biz. as possible now, while they can do it more friendly and less competitive as worst case senerio would complicate it. A win/win for all involved. LNG knows it needs help..and someone needs what they have. Wouldnt surprise me abit. Alot of eyes are on LNG right now..More volume coming..If all that buy volume overcomes the sells...LNG moves up 20+% in short order. Much more with Any Good news. Stock action is strange, but I believe volume action shows its setting up for the upside now.

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    • that was a lot of words and very little content. let me tell you something that might help you out with LNG and other position in the future- it is much easier to come up with a long, drawn out explanation of why you like a stock that is plummeting than to rationalize it for what it is. stocks that go below 10 or even 5, generally go to 0 or near that. be careful and don't rationalize this company as it looks like it s going down in flames.

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