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  • robertnupstatecarolina robertnupstatecarolina Jun 13, 2011 6:26 AM Flag


    The only way we are going to get the "Natural Gas Act" passed is to keep the heat on our congressman and senators. I called all my elected officials in my state and I'm urging you to do the same......I told my elected officials I would much rather have my tax dollars go to help a trucker convert his truck to natural gas, than to support foreign countries with my hard earned money. When our money goes to purchase foreign oil, we are supporting countries who hate America and who also are funding terrorism. Once these trucks are converted and using natural gas, we can start seeing America become properous again.

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    • if i was your congressman i would have told you your a idiot and pointed out that were wanting a 50 year project to get started, why dont you got out and buy a pickup truck thats able to run on propane or ng, it only going to cost you 5-10 bucks more than a reg truck, but no i want some semi driver to do it, your just like everyone else, i dont want crime but dont want to pay high taxes in a nice area of town for the extra cops , i dont want any crime but dont build a jail near me, everyone wants something done but they want someone else to do it for them

    • have you examined the cost of switching trucks to NG......lower range,lower HP, much higher costs

    • When I think of all the 100's of billions that were mis-spent trying to help oil producing countries that were basically our enemies, it makes me sick. That money could have been used to build an infrastructure for cars and trucks using natural gas. Are you kidding??? Call your congressman? What a joke! All they are worried about is where the next payoff is coming from.

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