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  • iamanidiotsavant iamanidiotsavant Jul 20, 2011 4:17 PM Flag

    OMG--This run is over:Huge insider trading today

    Massive selling in the cards after hours and tomorrow.
    LNG Cheniere Energy: Insider trading Sale:2 people, 4 sales Date 7/20/2011 Total shares 3,300,000 shares, Proceeds: $31,815,192 remaining shares: 30,000

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    • I may be an idiot to you. But Cha-ching...let's compare revenue stream already banked from this holding.

      Why do I have a strange feeling that I've more than greatly overshadowed your success.

      Thus, call me moron or savant----neither mean much to the ole pocket book, now do they?

      Let's pump this up, I'm behind you now!

    • These alerts are double-counting the shares because of the 2 Form 4 filings. But the FACT remains that the sales are of the same shares on the 2 FORM 4's. Spend just a couple of minutes examining them and you'll see that I'm right (except for the idiot, of course).

    • Just received insider trading alert: second independent info source

      tdameritrade: Cheniere Energy Inc price: 9.58 # Trades: 4 2 separate insiders #Sahres:3,300,000 Proceeds: $31,815,192

    • I'm not the liar and complete idiot, YOU ARE, idiot. I posted a link to the 2 Form 4's, but if you're too stupid to look at them and recognize that the sales reported on the 2 of them are the same, then I can't help you, because there's no way to fix stupid.

    • You are a liar or a complete idiot and take after my name. Read the fist post above---that was taken right off of the forms. The other idiot poster posted the first 2 trades and I followed up with the second 2 trades. I will not waste my time copying and pasting the forms in. Do your own DD. There were 3+million insider shares sold on 4 trades on the 19th and 18th (yesterday and the day b4).

    • Not sure what either of you are making reference to but, here is the only news that I have seen come out in regards to their original lender whom in 2008 loan them 250million dollars to continue operations for three years decided to cash in on 15 million dollars of that debt...How exactly does this worry people? I just hope you all remember to pay your loans and billa every month.. ;/ (Press Release Below.)
      7/20/2011 14:23: Holder GSO Capital Partners LP Sells 1,650,000 Of Cheniere Energy INC > LNG

      SOURCE: Form 4


      TITLE: Beneficial Owner

      7/18/11-7/19/11 Sale 1,650,000 $9.64 $15,907,650

      OWNERSHIP: 96,879 (Indirect)

      The Form 4 is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by insiders
      to report transactions in their companies' shares. Open market purchases
      and sales must be reported within two business days of the transaction.

      Insider Data Source: The Washington Service
      ( or 301-913-5100)

      (END) Dow Jones Newswires
      07-20-11 1423ET

    • What a boost of confidence these 10% owners have in the future share price! They have basically liquidated almost all of their holdings in the last 2 days. Wait til this hits the wires!

      I'm out.

    • Wonder if Standsbury knew this and led us to slaughter?!

    • Ut oh, only 30K shares left?! WTF I feel like we've been had big time. This thing always move on a dime. Can imagine what my shares will be worth tomorrow AM!

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