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  • Mktplyr517 Mktplyr517 Dec 7, 2011 4:53 PM Flag

    Shell... Shale gas in China

    Oh well that gas will start to be pumped out of the ground long before LNG builds its export facility.... which will corrospond to both a decrease in export demand from the US and Nat Gas prices...

    Then factor in that Shell also said it is considering building a plant to liquify NG and export it from the US... and that too will be in business long before LNGs plant probably even breaks ground

    You think Shell will have its financing in place before LNG or will they just pay for it as they go from ...... PROFITS

    hey board freak... which do you think will happen first.... NAT Gas prices going so low that Russia is forced to supply Euorpe cheaply

    or LNG finding financing for its pipe dream

    Cheap Nat Gas just keeps biting Cheniere in the arss

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    • What limitations are on Coos Bay FEC permit?

      Can they export to any country they want?

      Where is the supply for Coos Bay going to come from? Is the pipeline already in place to supply it?

      Do they ahve any contracts guaranteeing them income?

      Since Kitimat is ahead of thema nd already ahs supply promised, how are thye going to compete with Kitimat?

      fyi, there is an LNG export terminal in the US, it is in the Kenai peninsular Alaska

    • In other words ... I pointed out that you were in fact wrong and proved it......

      after you attempted to aviod the question and changed the parameters

      You could have just answered the question to begin with.... and you would not have come off as just another ignorant shill spinmaster

      Being called a liar by the like of you is a badge of honor

      How many day til it breaks $8?

    • No you do not get to tell me how I answer any question asked of me. If you think you have a right to do that you are sadly mistaken. I answer any question any way I want


      & thats called spin... the failure to directly answer the question asked..

      Change the question to suit your agenda

      Thats what hyping shills do...

    • No... when a question is asked you either answer it or not...

      You don't get to change it to suit your agenda... thats what politicians do... and we know they are all scumbag liars

      and wait...

      Coos Bay which is in the lower 48 has the same approval as Cheniere with one difference... money isn't the 500 lb gorilla in the plan

      SO not only did you change the question to suit your needs... not only are you WRONG... you lied because there is an approval at the same stage as Cheniere

      but wait there is another difference... the Coos Bay Oregon project isn't an over hyped stock selling scam like LNG

      Freeports terminal in LA will be completed long before LNG

    • Here is the first thing scumbag... when someone asks a question... you don't get to change the question to suit your needs...

      Only a lying scumbag shill would do that...

      You know there is approval in BC Canada for a terminal.... hey that fits the question douche

      theres an partialy approved one at Coos Bay Oregon

      Exxon has applied... Freeport is waiting approvalin LA

      and I could go on & on

      all of which will be exporting long before Cheniere breaks ground if ever

      AND the FERC is concerned that all this exporting will increase the price of Nat Gas

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